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C-Section after surgery?

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MammyShirl Thu 19-Feb-04 15:38:37

My sil is 34 weeks pregnant with twin boys which docs estimated this week weigh an ounze under 6 pounds! She is naturally very slim person so her tummy really does look funny as she is all tummy - i cant see how it can stretch more!
Anyway she is worrying about whether or not to have a c-section. She would like to have them naturally but one of them is breech and she is worried that it may end up in an emergency c-sec. The problem with having a c-sec is she had major surgey early in 2003 (had an ovary removed) so they would go in through this scar which already has very painful scar tissue and the docs warned that there may be risk of damage to her bladder/bowel!!! so you can undersatnd her concerns. has anyone had or know of any experiemces with c-section after surgery?
do you have any advice for my sil?
Thank you !

bundle Thu 19-Feb-04 15:43:11

not with different surgery - but I've had 2 c/s through the same 'hole' iykwim! if anything the second time around it healed more quickly and the itchiness isn't as apparent.

MammyShirl Thu 19-Feb-04 15:50:20

Hello Bundel

I wonder why they said that to her about the bowel/bladder damage - is that a common risk with C-Sec?

MammyShirl Thu 19-Feb-04 16:01:24


Any advice wouldbe great. I am going to see my sil tomorrow so i was hoping to tell her your views.


bundle Thu 19-Feb-04 17:02:14

I think it's a risk with any abdominal op. and occasionally you hear about babies being cut during c/s but that's rare, so they obviously don't tell every mother about it (!) although it's still a risk. maybe they're worried about scar tissue/adhesions inside - you'd need someone like mears (a midwife) to comment on that as I don't know much about it.
a friend of mine had twins by c/s last year as one of hers was breach too. they were both 5 lbs odd and all fine now. good luck to her, x

miranda2 Thu 19-Feb-04 17:07:30

I was worried about this as I had major surgery when i was 18 and didn't really fancy a vertical AND a horizontal scar! Didn't have a c section though (nearly, but fortunately the forceps worked in the end..) so can't help. I was more worried about what would happen to my huge scar as I got bigger, but it didn't seem to affect it at all to my surprise and relief. Sorry, not much help I know. But there were no worries raised by the doctor about it should an emergency c-section be necessary.

mears Thu 19-Feb-04 17:35:32

If baby number one is head down then there is no reason not to try for a natural delivery. That would be preferable to surgery but many women who have had previous surgery need a C/S. If there are concerns regarding scarring etc, medical staff may suggest an elective C/S. Best to discuss with medical staff that worry unnecessarily.

twiglett Thu 19-Feb-04 18:16:39

message withdrawn

aloha Thu 19-Feb-04 18:49:43

I had two ovarian cysts removed some years ago and had my ds through c-section with no complications and no problems with healing. I already had the scar and it seemed a shame to only use it the once Seriously, there were no problems at all in my case. Personally, with twins, one of which is breech, I would definitely have an elective section quite late. But then a friend of mine has just had an absolutely brutal twin delivery including forceps which sounded horrific. I wouldn't say that if it was you having the twins, mind.

aloha Thu 19-Feb-04 18:51:22

And the scar is exactly the same to look at now as it was after my first surgery, and didn't give me any problems in pregnancy either. I imagine I have exactly the same scar as your SIL.

charlieplus3 Thu 19-Feb-04 18:56:35

Hiya. I have had 3 sections, 2 in past 2 years and gone through same scar each time. Of course risks were told to me but i have been lucky and have had no problems infact each one was easier to recover from. Although been advised that a 4th is too risky but possible.

Good luck to your sil

wog Thu 19-Feb-04 19:42:56

Sorry this a long one. I had a c-section a year and a half ago and i do have broblems with my bowel and it happened immediately although at the time i was not aware that it would continue but now i would like to have my bowel investigated. It started the night i had dd i felt as if i was in labour again and because it was an emergency c-s i had a morphine pump (this does not happen with a selective as you are preped) therefor i was hallucinating and thought they had left a baby inside me. When the consultant came to check me she told me that it was just wind because they handle your internal organs during surgery (to move them to get the baby out) therefor my bowel was just slow coming back to normal, they then proceeded to give me a cocktail of peppermint water, co-codomol and lactulose to drink i had dd on monday morning and did not poo until thursday and it was just a pebble. When I got home i could not poo at all. The doctor gave me laxitives and medicine to soften my stools - i did not poo proparly for about 5 weeks and i still dont and at leat once or twice a month i get pains that i can only compare to labour where i am crying and feeling sick and sweating and its all because my bowel is trying to do the toilet properly and then i flood the toilet bowl (sorry for being disgusting). I was always regular (every day) before I had dd so i know it was having her that has caused this.

suedonim Thu 19-Feb-04 20:06:42

A young woman I know has had two lots of major bowel surgery, leaving her with keloid scars running from breast bone to pubes, and from hip to hip. A caesarian section is probably the only way she'll be able to give birth, due to the condition from which she suffers. I'm sure your sil's consultant will provide the info she needs to make a decsion or try calling NCT on 0870 444 8707 for help.

Ailsa Thu 19-Feb-04 22:55:26

Sorry no experience with cs after surgery, but, according to my midwife, it is quite common for babies to be cut (more of a little nick) during a cs. My dd2 (nearly 6mths) has a very faint scar on one of her cheeks which most people don't notice. My gp said that it would heal completely and there wouldn't be a scar as babies don't scar.

BUSTERTHEDOG Fri 20-Feb-04 17:07:46

I haven't read all the other replies, but I had an emergency c section after surgery [fallopian tube removed], and all went fine. The scar is in the same place and is the same size as before, just as neat. I had heard b4 that there could be trouble getting in due to adhesions following the first surgery, but it basically took 3 minutes from when they started to when the lifted my little boy out. The recovery was excellent, and I think I receoverd more quickly than I did from a natural birth with my first child. However, I didn't have twins - it may be more complicated! I really hope it goes well, whichever route she decides. Good luck!

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