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When to tell your NHS midwife that you're going private?

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floppops Thu 10-Oct-13 18:07:31

Right I've made the decision that I'm going private for my second birth. Reasons being hugely traumatic first birth, many complications, mismanaged care etc and also I'd like an elcs and don't want to fight for one. But mainly I just want to feel safe and confident that I will get kind, calm and professional care in a clean quiet safe environment.
Anyway as we are borrowing the money for this from family we'd like to keep the costs down if possible so I'm hoping to transfer over late in pregnancy-will save £2000 or more.
I'm 17 weeks now and it's so far an uneventful pregnancy as was my last one so hopefully this will be ok. I'm quite prepared if there are any problems I'll have to transfer over more quickly.
But my question is when do I tell my midwife? And how will they take this? I have only had a booking in appointment so far and my next appointment is at 23 weeks. I don't think I'll be having many appointments as it's a second pregnancy.

JessicaLundge Thu 10-Oct-13 20:21:57

Take the lead from what your consultant says. If you're effectively having all your antenatal on the NHS but transferring just for delivery it doesn't really matter when you inform them.
Have you chosen a consultant and hospital?

floppops Fri 11-Oct-13 06:48:11

Yes I've chosen a consultant and hospital. I have my first appointment with them next week.

DontmindifIdo Fri 11-Oct-13 07:01:57

Erm, just to put a spanner in the works, I had an elcs earlier this year, I didn't have to fight for it, mention to your midwife at your next appointment that you'd like one and ask if you can see a consultant, ideally around 20 wks. Mine just talked though the risks, told me the fuck ups last time were unlikely to happen again, but if I definitely wanted the elcs I could have it. Was sent off with leaflets to think, came back a few weeks later and it was all booked in.

If you are having to borrow the money then you can't really afford this, worth checking if you can get it on the nhs first.

floppops Fri 11-Oct-13 09:10:00

Yes that's good advice. But I still don't ever want to be in a postnatal ward ever again!! Terrible experience last time and even worse when I was re admitted a week later. I really feel the mismanagement/lack of care I received contributed heavily to mental and physical repercussions I'm still suffering now.

JessicaLundge Fri 11-Oct-13 09:33:40

If you don't have insurance, then I'd recommend a private delivery in the private wing of an NHS hospital. That way you have access to NHS paeds and SCBU, without charge. Otherwise if your baby needs some additional support you'll have to pay for it. (The only fully private hospital is The Portland)

CrispyFB Fri 11-Oct-13 11:44:22

If you're anywhere near Watford, you can pay for room only on their private wing on the Knutsford Suite. That's what I'm doing - like you I cannot face another postnatal experience and we are lucky enough to be able to afford (well, it comes out of our house deposit savings <sigh>) something a bit nicer for DC4. It works out at £400/night and is like a maternity hotel by all accounts. I'm having an ELCS (definite medical reasons in my case, no avoiding it) on the NHS.

There are other places with similar. St Thomas' I think, also Lindo Wing at St Mary's and probably quite a few others in London and throughout the UK.

fgr Fri 11-Oct-13 11:55:43

You don't have to tell them if you don't want to, I never saw an NHS midwife until after I was discharged from hospital.

floppops Fri 11-Oct-13 19:07:57

Yep I've chosen St Thomas'. As I wanted to be in a good NHS hospital that had all the care I and the baby might need plus a private maternity wing.

ScottishDiblet Fri 11-Oct-13 19:15:11

Floppops congratulations on your pregnancy! I had my baby at st Thomas' earlier this year (nhs) and then transferred up to the very amazing lansdell suite after a hideous night on the nhs ward. I think the private ward is now the Westminster suite (?) but I totally recommend it for post-natal care. It was simply fantastic and just what I and my husband needed - he slept on a camp bed next to us and helped me so much, as did the midwives. I think if we were to have another baby I would like to have it at st Thomas again and transfer up to the private bit afterwards - the nhs delivery was very good (although I have since had some serious complications that apparently were not due to any negligence and I do believe them) and what I really needed (and am glad I spent the money on) was the aftercare. Best £££ we have spent on the baby so far! Worth thinking about seeing if you can have the elcs on the nhs and then transferring up - would save so much. Good luck and pm me if you need any more info. X

fuckwittery Sat 12-Oct-13 01:59:56

I transferred to independent midwife, she wrote to my GP and midwifery team to let them know taking over care, imagine private consultant will do the same?
My community midwife was 100 per cent fine and i've seen her since to get bloods taken as it was easier.

floppops Sat 12-Oct-13 11:46:53

Good to hear you had a good experience at St Thomas' Scottish. I can't go NHS there-too far away, wouldn't be accepted. Also I feel I might get better care with the surgery privately with not having to wait around on the day for the emergency cases and there being a better staff ratio.
So seems maybe my consultant will just let the midwife know when the time comes to transfer..

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