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38+5 and still no date for C-Section - help!!

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Bex381 Tue 15-Oct-13 19:12:48

Hi all, thank you so much for your replies. Just as a quick update, I saw the doctor today and she has booked me in for my C-Section on 24th of October. They couldn't fit me in before that as fully booked but I will be 40+4 by then! Doc doesn't think I will go into labour as little'un isn't engaged yet. At least I have a date now to work towards. Thank you all for your replies! Xx

NoIHaventHadTheBabyYet Thu 10-Oct-13 16:36:35

I was told they do planned csections at 39 weeks. I am having one in a few weeks, I have been told they will call me from the day I am 39 weeks, they said it will be a Monday, Tuesday or Thursday, they do them in the mornings and there will be 24 hours notice (however friends have told me they often give a few hours notice only! )
If you go into labour naturally they do it when you need it.

PlayedThePinkOboe Thu 10-Oct-13 16:21:39

I had my elcs at 39+1 - they don't like to schedule them any later than that because of the increased risk of you going in to labour and then your elcs becoming an emcs! So realistically you need to be "ready to go tomorrow".

Bex381 Thu 10-Oct-13 16:17:06

Thank you :-) did they call you on the Friday evening then? I'm quite scared of being told on Tuesday that I will have to come in on Wednesday.

Also, did they do it before you hit 40 weeks?

Thanks again for your response x

cathpip Thu 10-Oct-13 12:41:00

I was due an elcs last year but was forgotten about, useless mw etc etc! I found out because my boss had checked the section list and my name was not down, needless to say I was not happy. Mw tried covering up but couldn't wriggle out of the fact that she had forgotten to register me. After my appointment with her on the fri I had a phone call from the hospital to ask me to come in at 8am mon morning (they only did elcs on a tues and thurs). so they can fit you in, but it could be short notice. Also remember that if you did go into labour and needed an emcs they would not make you wait.

Bex381 Thu 10-Oct-13 12:34:36

Hi All,

So, this week I was told that I would not be able to deliver my child naturally due to it being MASSIVE and having huge shoulders compared with head (risk of shoulder dystocia) and baby is too big to engage. So after a long consultation my partner and I agreed with the doctor that C-Section was the best way to go.

Doc then tried to book us in for the section but couldn't because they were fully booked right up til my due date (didn't look past that, don't know if they usually do??).

So she said to me that I could come back in on tuesday (when I'll be 39+3) and book it then, which sounded odd to me as surely then we will be another week behind. So now I have no idea when my Section will be and I can't sleep or eat because I'm so nervous about it! I feel like if I had a date, I might be able to start preparing mentally. I've tried calling the hospital to explain and they just told me not to worry and that things would get "moved around" so they could fit me in.

Just wondering if anyone else has had problems with this? If so, how much warning were you given before they gave you the section? And if they don't have any space will I be waiting around til after my due date?

Thanks in advance!

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