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Undecided on vbac or another section

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mrscookie78 Tue 08-Oct-13 08:13:03

I'm 22weeks with my second. My ds was breech so booked in for a section around 41 weeks, but i reckon a failed ecv kick started my labour at 39+4. This time I have the choice to go for a vbac or a section but I'm stressing over it already. I know you can't plan birth and have to expect the unexpected. At the moment I have a low placenta and another scan at 32weeks to see if it has moved. Then two days after that I have the consultant again to make a decision on a elcs if my placenta has moved. I have a vbac class tonight and wonder if that's stressing me out as well. I think I'm slightly scared of childbirth, I've had contractions and know what a section is about but I've a lot of stories on vbac and not a lot of positive ones so far.

lovelylentils Tue 08-Oct-13 22:55:06

My VBAc experience was extremely positive.
DS was born by emcs after drip induction, failed to progress and drop in oxygen. Very stressful.
With DD I opted for a VBAC. I was given sweeps from 38 weeks as they didn't want me to go too far over again (DS had been 16 days late)
I was 40+1 when I had my final sweep. Waters broke the next day at 6.30pm. Contractions began at midnight and at 4.30am we went into hospital. I walked round the ward till 6.30 as I wasn't established when I arrived.
They examined me again and found that their were still some waters which they broke and I went from 6cm to 10cm in about 15mins. DD was born just after 10am. I used gas and air (and nothing during the pushing phase)

I can't tell you how proud and relieved I felt after she was born.
Currently 29 weeks with dc3 and feel quite positive about this birth.

Good luck

lovelylentils Tue 08-Oct-13 22:56:09

ooh just to add, I used a hypnobirthing cd which I found really helped and I'm using again already this time.

mrscookie78 Wed 09-Oct-13 12:22:33

Thank you lovely lentils, think i will have a look at hypnobirthing!

Ushy Thu 10-Oct-13 16:00:47

VBAC is fine if it goes well - exactly as lovelylentils said, but if it doesn't, which it doesn't in about three quarters of cases, it can range from unpleasant to catastrophic i.e. ruptured uterus, mother in intensive care needing hysterectomy and dead baby.

The latter is VERY rare but two recent studies have shown the risks of VBAC are higher for both the mother and the baby. Here is a link to one: They are not large risks but they are risks that can be avoided so I suppose it depends on how you feel about risk and how important or unimportant 'natural birth' is to you.

It is your choice but if you don't have a burning urge to experience natural birth, a repeat cesarean will be safer unless you are planning more than two or possibly three children.

Ushy Thu 10-Oct-13 16:02:56

Oops! Correction - it goes well in just under three quarters and not so well in the other quarter although the figures can vary depending on things like whether you have had a previous vaginal birth. Sorry and Good luck by the waysmile

mrscookie78 Fri 11-Oct-13 18:53:05

thanks for your views, I never got close to natural childbirth last time as I only laboured for a few hours before theatre! I guess im one of those who doesn't feel like they missed out last time and i dont feel like a burning desire to go through it this time so I can say I had a vbac. My information class wasn't much.more help, they basically went through what I read on the Internet and gave national and the hospital figures.
I decided to go for another section if my consultant will let me grin
Thanks the replies, I just don't want to stress over the decision and then the vbac to go wrong. it may be fine but you just don't know till the day comes!!

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