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Any yoga instructors/experienced yogis out there?

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hazchem Wed 09-Oct-13 08:34:17

Oh just remembers spinning babies Lot of stuff on how to get baby into good positions prior too and during labour.

MtnBikeChick Tue 08-Oct-13 15:26:12

Thanks very much!!

Threetofour Tue 08-Oct-13 05:27:27

Hello! Just qualified yoga teacher here! Squatting is a fantastic pose throughout pregnancy & especially at the end you can always use the wall behind you if you need to , badokanasana (cobblers pose) is also great if you have a strap you could use that to hold the soles of the feet together & then lie back on cushions for a more relaxing & meditative position I am on about the 5th feed of the night with 5 day old so brain not entirely functioning & will come back with some more in a bit!

hazchem Mon 07-Oct-13 07:21:35

Not yoga but circling on a birth ball is good for this and walking.

MtnBikeChick Sun 06-Oct-13 11:12:57

Are there any yoga teachers/experienced yogis out there who can advise me the best yoga poses to be doing once baby is engaged? I am 38+5days with 2nd baby and baby is engaged (3/5ths). I want to try and create as much space in pelvis as possible and am currently doing 20mins yoga stretches a day, plus walking. I have done a lot of yoga in my time (Bikram, Ashtanga) and am fit and healthy and am also doing a hatha class for an hour once a week. However, would like in my own time to concentrate on good pelvis opening poses to encourage baby down! Thanks!

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