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Certain type of TENs?

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Excited85 Sat 05-Oct-13 19:28:53

Hi, I'm thinking of getting a tens machine for early labour as have heard a few good things and figure it's all worth a try! However, the ones I've seen on Lloyd's Pharmacy say in capitals not to be used during pregnancy or labour.
Am I looking at the wrong type of tens machines or do they have to carry that warning just incase? Thanks.

Cavort Sun 06-Oct-13 05:50:07

I'm no expert but I think you need a specific maternity TENS. No idea what the difference is. They can be hired online or from Mothercare etc. but I bought one off Amazon relatively cheaply.

Sluggers Sun 06-Oct-13 21:31:38

I wondered about this as we already had a machine at home.

As far as I could tell (from much Internet research - but I would like to stress that I'm no expert so please do your own research/ask your midwife etc) they're the same. Except an obstetric tens has a boost button so you press the button when a contraction starts and you need the extra intensity.

The non obstetric ones don't have this button so you have to turn up and down the intensity manually when you want to. General consensus seems to be that the button is a complete godsend, so if you're buying or renting one then I would definitely, 100% get one that's designed for labour and has this boost button.

I did actually speak to the customer services at the manufacturer and the sales lady said they didn't advise the use of the non-obstetric ones for labour. When I asked why, she did say that it was only because they can be more complicated to operate, not that they weren't suitable in any other way.

I decided to stick with what we've got here because it's top of the range & it just seemed like a waste of money otherwise - but I would definitely prefer an obstetric one and do waver on just biting the bullet & renting one pretty much every time I think about it!

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