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Induction tomorrow at 8.30am - tell me it's not that bad? Please!

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Babycino81 Fri 04-Oct-13 19:58:19

Induction tomorrow at 8.30am - tell me it's not that bad? Please! First baby and all I keep hearing is ' the pain is so much worse with induction, it could take days, you'll end up with a c section, don't try and deliver naturally, just take the section etc (a couple of these comments were from midwives by the way!).

Please tell me it's do able? Is induction really that bad???

Helpyourself Fri 04-Oct-13 20:06:14

I had three inductions. None led to a cs, epidural, forceps or anything. I did find the pessaries made me a bit jumpy, but not having had a natural birth I reckon I'd have been a bit jumpy anyway! All ended in arm and it was pretty swift afterwards. It'll be fine and you'll have a baby soon!

ITCouldBeWorse Fri 04-Oct-13 20:06:39

All my babies were induced.
At 42 weeks I was ready with a hair trigger! I do think the pain can be a bit intense as there is no gradual build up, so accept pain relief when you need it., but I have never started naturally, so can't really compare.

So, get a good nights sleep, don't stress over it. Stay upright and mobile if possible when they start you,as that seems to help.

If it does not work, then luckily a CS is an option.

Ina couple of days you baby will be in your arms.

RNJ3007 Fri 04-Oct-13 20:08:00

My induction was 3 hours from start to finish... 20 mins of synto and that was it.

AppleCrumples Fri 04-Oct-13 20:18:32

I was induced 10 days overdue with ds1. Yes it was painful and took a little while to get going but the whole thing took from pessary to delivery took 20 hours (and i was only in lqbour for 7 of those). it was certainly not the worst pain and until 9 months ago it was my shortest labour.

Don't listen to all the scare stories, apart from the pessary bit it wasn't that differen to my other labours.

Good luck op. Hope all goes well tomorrow and you will soon be having lovely newborn snuggles smile

CreatureRetorts Fri 04-Oct-13 20:19:23

Why the induction? If its because you're overdue you might go into labour this evening grin

TodaysAGoodDay Fri 04-Oct-13 20:20:28

They tried to kick start me for three days with pessaries. It didn't work. Eventually had sintocinon drip in my hand and contractions started within a couple of minutes, very painful very quickly, but I am the worlds biggest wuss when it comes to pain.
<wimp emoticon>
Very best of luck, hope it goes well for you smile

AppleCrumples Fri 04-Oct-13 20:23:07

Sorry should have mentioned i have 4 dc and all my other lqbours started naturally.

MatildaWhispers Fri 04-Oct-13 20:24:04

I have had 3 dc and my induction was the swiftest birth. I prepared myself for hours and hours of labor because I thought inductions always took ages, and I was seriously shocked at how quickly my dd showed up! Good luck.

MyCatIsAStupidBastard Fri 04-Oct-13 20:30:43

I had DD naturally and that was over 24 hrs on and off.

I had DS induced, Labour took 3 hrs to get going and was then 3 hrs of full on labour. Yes it was more intense than with DD but it was over sooner and at the end i had lovely Ds at the end of it.

Just take whatever pain relief you need and just remember the important thing is a healthy you and DC at the end of it. Don't worry about birth plans or whatever you may have had in mind.

Very very good luck. flowers

Sindarella Fri 04-Oct-13 20:36:04

I was induced 10 days over, one pesery thing was all it took. I had contractions the built up, slightly faster than my spontaneous labours and with no respite in between each contraction.

First stage lasted 5 hours, second stage 7 mins and the third 4 mins.

Aww i'm so jealous, you'll be getting a brand new baby! My youngest is 16 weeks an i feel so broody already!!

Good luck, enjoy each other grin

Babycino81 Fri 04-Oct-13 20:36:51

Thank you everyone! I'm not anti anything ie section, epidural etc but my husband works away so it would be much easier to have him here if I had a section, unfortunately he gets to go back to work

Babycino81 Fri 04-Oct-13 20:37:44

On Wednesday so it would be nicer for him to be here to pamper me! I feel much more positive and less apprehensive after reading all your comments xxx

sunnybobs Fri 04-Oct-13 20:40:14

Mine was absolutely fine! And was also first baby. Pessary given about 4pm, walked round for a few hours, labour pains started at 7 but very lightly, went to delivery suite at 10 & healthy baby boy born at midnight. Very simple & straightforward! Don't worry it will be fine & if the pain gets too much dig your heels in & demand an epidural & don't be fobbed off by midwives grin good luck & enjoy your new tiny cuddles!

RandomMess Fri 04-Oct-13 20:40:46

4 inductions, had epidurals with 3 of them, still delivered unassisted no stitches. Honestly it was fine.

NotAllItsCrackedUpToBe Fri 04-Oct-13 20:48:16

I had drip induction (no pessary as straight into full on induction due to needing to control when baby came for medical reasons - mine, not baby's). Straight into full contractions, 7 hrs of labour - was really not that bad and I only needed gas and air. I did end up with a c-section but it was nothing to do with the induction.

This was my first btw and I was very surprised by how the pain was not really a pain for me - just like an amazingly powerful squeezing sensation.

You'll be fine. Good luck xx

midwifeandmum Fri 04-Oct-13 22:32:14

No huni. Im a very experienced sister midwife and i will tell u that an induction is NOT more painful than spontaneous labour.

Yes it can take a few days to get u into 'established labour' but u will be in early labour so contractions wont be that bad

If all else fails and they cant get u into labour, then u may need a section, but that doesnt necessarily mean an emergency section just be prepared.

Most ladies ive dealt with who are having inductions, have positive labours and births

Best of luck Zoe x

Kayshields Sat 05-Oct-13 12:40:27

I recently had my second baby three weeks early with induction because my waters broke, yes it was painful but I did it on gas and air simply because by the time the pain got unbearable I was 9 and half cm, labour all in all was 2 hours and 35mins and I would do it that way again any day smile good luck

IslaValargeone Sat 05-Oct-13 12:52:18

I was induced on my due date, ended up having a drip as the pessaries didn't work and it did take a while, but, it wasn't an unpleasant experience.
I had a bit of gas and air.
It was still one of the best experiences of my life. Don't be put off by horror stories of pain. I had such a god awful pregnancy, I went into labour feeling really positive that I could handle it. You will too.

starfish12 Sat 05-Oct-13 16:21:15

How did you get on? I have one tomorrow morning so keen to hear how it went for you!
Hope you are enjoying baby snuggles xx

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