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Photos during labour? Surely that's not normal!

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HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs Wed 18-Sep-13 16:05:17

I'm watching BBCs Midwives programme. The lady is pushing, nearly there; baby's head is out. I'm cringing just watching. Then suddenly her partner jumps in with his mobile phone and takes a photo... ?!?!?!? Why? It just seems so inappropriate/gross.
Or is it just me? Is it capturing the natural beauty of childbirth?

Mamabear12 Sun 22-Sep-13 21:01:57

My mom took photos during my labour and delivery. Before I had the epidural, I was like STOP taking photos! After epidural, I was fine for her to take the pics. I enjoyed looking at them later on, as I couldnt see what was going on during the actually birth and later on was curious. A little scary looking, but def would not delete them! In fact, I ended up showing a few of my close girlfriends and going over my labour story, im the first of the group to have a baby smile

jammiedonut Mon 23-Sep-13 03:54:03

Haha you'll think I was a right weirdo when I tell you my mum not only took photos but filmed it! After 23 hours of labour I couldn't remember my own name, and most of ds early hours are a blur to me. I love looking at the photos. And the video is hands down the best form of contraception out there! Every time I even think aww I'd love another one I can watch and hear myself dealing with the pain and decide it's really not a good idea! My sisters and sil have also seen the video, but asked to as all from medical backgrounds and weirdly curious about stuff like that.

jammiedonut Mon 23-Sep-13 03:55:10

They're definitely not going on Facebook and are password protected so not likely to pop up as a scary screensaver either!

fuckwittery Mon 23-Sep-13 10:37:40

My husband took a video of me having contractions and showed it to his fucking mother, there are no words!! Suffice to say the camera is banned from the bloody delivery room this time, I'd ban him too except he'd love that and I may as well make him bored and uncomfortable while I'm in excruiating pain.

fuckwittery Mon 23-Sep-13 10:39:39

Oh, he also texted a photo of dd2 resting her head on my boob with my nipple out to his work colleague and still cant see anything wrong with that, the twat. I've threatened to secretly film him next time he's doing a poo and text that to all and sundry.

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