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Portland final bill

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SACM Sat 07-Sep-13 22:05:36

Hi there
I am trying to work out what I would end up paying for a vaginal and / or c- section birth here. I know what obstetrician's fees are and can see on the website the hospital fees but what did you end up paying everything else added I.e. athesthetics, drugs etc. what else have I forgotten?
thanks so much!

ozmum23 Sat 23-Nov-13 02:38:56

i read with great interest all the posts re NHS and portland. it is always an interesting read!

i had both DS born at portland ELCS. I could not fault the service and care. yes it is expensive and luckily we could afford it.

if we couldn't afford it, i would have no choice but to go down NHS route.

i get upset when people judge me because we went private. my husband earned the money, paid tax and use the after tax money to pay for our baby to be born. it is win win for everyone, because we got the care we wanted and didn't impose on chelsea westminster hospital!

like most things in life, you get what you pay for. their nurse to patient ratio is very low. the nurses were not rushed off their feet. i believe that all nurses go into the profession with the best of intentions but sometimes when one is over-worked the care will slip.

my DS1 was born in 2004 and back then, portland provides a celebratory dinner (complete with champers) for us! and also a portly panda smile we had a suite with two rooms so DH stayed over the entire time i was there - which was 7 nights. having a section is a major op and i was feeling rested before i went home.

in 2009 DS2 was born, and by then, they no longer provided us with a celebratory dinner. it was a gift pack instead!

when i look back on my birth experience, i have no regrets and have good memories.

having said all that, the birth is only the beginning isn't it?

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