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Pre-eclampsia - did it cause you to have a fast labour

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Flum Sun 18-Jun-06 21:18:31

I had pre-eclampsia in my first pregnancy and then had a spntaneous but fast (3 hours to full dilation) labour. (Ended up in emergency c/s btw)

A midwife told me today that the fast labour was probably due to the pre-eclampsia. She said that the body is stressed when pre-eclamptic and when stressed it labours fast in order to try to 'expel' the baby as fast as possible.

Has anyone heard this before? Had this?

blondehelen Sun 18-Jun-06 21:20:33

Induced because of pre eclampsia. 2 and a half hours- first baby. Cos induced don't know if it truly counts. Never heard your mw explanation before

sobernow Sun 18-Jun-06 21:24:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sissyspacek Mon 19-Jun-06 09:45:24

Not for me! had pre-eclampsia with DD , tried to induce me for 3 days on a drip for 9 hours gel the lot nothing not one single little contraction !! they had to do a c-section in the end as she was not budging at all......

throckenholt Mon 19-Jun-06 09:49:46

I had high blood pressure (was never actaully diagnosed as pre-eclampsia), was induced because of it - took ages to get going (3 lots of gel), had syntocinon drip as well - but when it did finally get going went from 4cm to fully dialted in about 3/4 of an hour (having just been told it would take another 6 hours and begged for an epidural !).

Flum Sat 27-Sep-08 22:15:40

mmmm just found this again. still interested as my second babe I had a very long labour with: 20 hours compared with 3 hours first one. Did have epidural though.

didn't have much oedema with 2nd and was not pre-eclamptic. Now 36 weeks with third baby and got shocking oedema and carpal tunnel, wonder if could be pre-eclamptic again.

saltcod Sat 27-Sep-08 22:38:04

Yes, I had 2 x quick labours & pre-eclampsia both times.

First labour was induced - 2.5 hours start to finish. Second labour, induction booked but went into labour naturally 2 days before induction was due to take place. Also very quick - about 3 hours start to finish.

My consultant also said the high blood pressure / pre-eclampsia often led to fast labours. Hope everything goes ok for you x

Lubyloo Sat 27-Sep-08 22:42:48

No. I had pre-eclampsia with a 100 hour labour ending in an emergency c-section.

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