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Does this sound like a fair VBAC / ELCS compromise 'birth plan'

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poocatcherchampion Tue 20-Aug-13 16:18:00

I'm currently trying to turn a breech baby for a vbac which my hospital are supportive of - even if it doesn't turn.

if I have to have elcs I'm going to ask for it around my due date not before.

however you sound like you prefer a elcs so if that's what you want just stuck to your guns. it seems a fine plan but if you don't want to labour then you don't have to compromise with anyone. its your body and your baby .

lisbapalea Tue 20-Aug-13 16:04:02

Hi all,

I had a meeting with the midwife who runs the VBAC clinic at my local hospital this morning. She was a breath of fresh air as previous consultants and midwives I have spoken to have made me feel bad and wrong for wanting to go for an ELCS for DC2 (DD was born by CS as she was breech).

So, having discussed with the midiwfe this morning and done some thinking of my own, I have now come up with a compromise between the two, which acts as a kind of birth plan of sorts.

I just wondered if any others with experience of 2nd c-sections or VBACs could let me know whether it sounds realistic:

At 38weeks, I will have a stretch and sweep. If this S&S doesn't trigger labour within 48hrs, then I will opt for ELCs as close to 39wks as possible (I am officially 39 weeks on a Sunday, but I am pretty sure they only do ELCS on a weekday).

If I do go into natural labour following the S&S, then I would like minimal monitoring, no drip, and as active a natural labour as possible, ideally using the pool etc, with the support of the midwives on duty. If this becomes impossible, or if there is any sign of difficulty I will opt for a c-section sooner rather than later, rather than use further intervention etc.

How does that sound?

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