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spin off--another question about homebirth!

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littlemonkeychops Tue 20-Aug-13 20:49:29

Hi. I had a homebirth through the nhs. One MW (by lucky coincidence my own MW) was there for most of it (wad about 6cm when she arrived) and the second midwife arrived an hour before baby was born. It was a lovely experience, and also my MW's first homebirth where she was the lead MW. I think if they're qualified they're qualified iyswim, after all in a busy labour ward you could be allocated a newly qualified MW anyway.

Good luck :-)

stuffthenonsense Tue 20-Aug-13 14:59:39

I have used nhs for some of mine and an nhs paid but private company (one to one midwives) for my last and this next one. As long as the midwives attending you are pro-home birth you will be fine, as you say they are qualified. To put your mind at ease, my last home birth was the best so far, amazing supportive knowledgable midwives, could not fault them, the next day they both sent thanks for me allowing them to a lovely FIRST home birth.

Aefeth Tue 20-Aug-13 14:30:48

Hi everyone,

I just read through the homebirth thread and was delighted to read so many positive responses from women who had experienced homebirth themselves! What great inspiration smile I am also thinking I would like to have a homebirth but I have a couple of quick questions I hope those of you who have btdt can answer...

My two questions are:
1. For those of you who did have homebirths, did you use an independent midwife or did you arrange a homebirth through the NHS?

2. In the area where I live in London, homebirths are very uncommon and as a result the community midwives who work in my neighborhood have only been to a few home births each. Do you think this is a reason to be concerned? I realize that each of them have also attended a minimum of 40 births in the hospital as part of their midwifery training, but it sounded a little worrisome to me that beyond that training they really didn't have much experience in delivering at home.

Thank you all in advance smile

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