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Royal Free - any recent experiences ?

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firstimer30s Sat 17-Aug-13 10:53:30

Has anyone had any recent experiences of giving birth at the Royal Free?
I know there are some older threads about it... But was wondering if there are any happy, recent experiences? I'm registered with them but have 6 months to switch, though it's the closest to my house. A bit scared by all the negative experiences people have had in the past - including my mum 20 years ago!
Any feedback really appreciated smile

SandraBollocks Thu 22-Aug-13 11:36:38


Had my DS at RF end of last year. Overall happy with the experience, thought antenatal care was good (both midwife and consultant), didn't experience too many delays with appointments etc and our midwife was wonderful (she was a senior midwife) - very caring, gave me lots of information, assurance and support (I was a first time mum too). Birth was not so great but only because baby's heart rate kept dropping and labour didn't progress - ended up having EMCS. Had a fantastic midwife for the first part of the labour and a student / retired midwife combo for the last part. The student's keen eye to detail probably ensured our DS was delivered safely as she was the one that pointed out the problems we were having to the consultants (fetal pH levels). The retired midwife was a bit hmm when she read my birth plan and exclaimed 'no sweetheart, you don't get to say - this is where WE decide what happens to you!' I was shock at her reaction - ultimately she didn't get to decide either as the situation worsened and I was rushed to the theatre.
Post natal ward was quite rushed, but I think this is pretty much the same in many other hospitals. Some midwives were lovely, others a bit stressed and stroppy but nothing too horrible. Wards were clean and I even enjoyed the food - perhaps was just too hungry at that point! grin
I too was scared in the beginning of my pregnancy but decided to go ahead with RF anyway as it was the most convenient hospital for us. Not disappointed or traumatised with the experience at all.
Hope all goes well with your pregnancy and birth - let me know / PM me if you have any questions!

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