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vbac with a footling breech?

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poocatcherchampion Fri 16-Aug-13 14:28:50

unexpectedly and just when I was resigned to a elcs I've had an appt with the vbac clinic who suggested a trial of labour with my footling breech. they are not recommending an ecv as I tore during my csection but are happy for me to labour on the delivery ward, not mlu, in the pool with some monitoring but not continuous. apparently they've done 9 breech deliveries this month so far, inc one after 2 sections.

has anyone got any experience of this? I'm expecting it to be pretty rare. I'm a bit surprised TBC as I didn't expect any such conversation.


BearPear Fri 16-Aug-13 14:42:16

Not much to add but I too had a footling breach by natural delivery. My first child, my DS, was a regular bottom-first breach, natural delivery also. I had a pelvic x-ray to check that I was wide enough for the head to pass and was given the go-ahead for natural delivery with epidural in advance in case of CS.

With DD, the footling, her leg was delivered first and all hell broke loose with the registrar using forceps to get her out quickly. I had an episiotomy in both cases to ensure speed of delivery with the head being last to emerge & the dangers with delay.

Both babies and I were fine. I hear from new mums these days that a CS would be standard if I was to be giving birth now. My babies were both born in the early '90's.

Ushy Tue 20-Aug-13 23:06:57

I would get them to give you a written account of the risks of elective caesarean versus vbac with a footling breech and definitely make sure you are seeing an obstetrician as well as a midwife.

Good luck -just make sure, though, the information you are getting is correct. As other threads are saying, it is well worth doing your own research - what health professionals say is not necessarily either up to date or unbiased.

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