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Kingston or Epsom

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freelancegirl Thu 15-Aug-13 15:00:36

IT was great that should read, not I was great smile

freelancegirl Thu 15-Aug-13 15:00:01

I had an elcs at Epsom and I was great. Maybe it's because I'm comparing it to busy London hospitals but it was small and very friendly. I was in a room on the maternity ward that could have 4 beds full but only had 2 at a time and the aftercare was great too. I would definitely go back there again. This was in summer 2012 so fairly recent.

StormBird Thu 15-Aug-13 14:57:09

Tea1Sugar - I'm consultant led at St Helier with second baby. Had my first there and they are amazing. I've not heard great things about Kingston from quite a few people. On the other hand I do know a few people who had babies at Epsom and thought it was OK. The thing is you get mixed reviews about any hospital. I'd recommend St Helier in a heartbeat for their Consultant led care - were you given there as an option?

Tea1Sugar Thu 15-Aug-13 06:22:14

Oh no really? I'm going to be consultant led, were you?

JassyAlconleigh Wed 14-Aug-13 17:57:49

Can confirm post natal ELC care totally appalling. I wouldn't send a dog there. Disinterested, rude, uncaring. The food was utter swill. Perhaps they've changed in five years but I doubt it.

Do know two people who have amazing praise for their NNU, do maybe all the nice ones go there...

Tea1Sugar Wed 14-Aug-13 17:53:27

I'm only 4 weeks but gp has asked me to choose where to be referred to. Kingston is 10mins away, Epsom 25mins. I had a traumatic vaginal birth at Kingston three years ago and the postnatal care I received was horrendous. I'll be having an elcs. Has anyone got any recent views of electives at these?

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