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Royal Alexander Hospital Paisley -help!

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partybabe Mon 12-Aug-13 22:00:55

Hi has anyone recently been to the RAH to give birth in the CLU?
My DD has been told that as she is high risk (a late booker, other wise baby is fine) that she will need to be on the consultant led unit and may not be able to have 2 birthing partners???

She is obviously worrying about this? Has anyone else had any problems?

Just to offer her some reassurance! Only 7 weeks to Ekkkk!

JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 13-Aug-13 17:45:01

If she is late in booking, could she ask her consultant to discharge her so that she can give birth in a mw led unit or have a home birth. I've been consultant led throughout my 2 full pregnancies, just to monitor the babies as we've had issues in the past. Once I got to 32 weeks they discharged me and I've given birth on the mw led unit.

Have you thought of asking on MN local too? smile

Pinkbump3 Thu 15-Aug-13 23:47:21

I gave birth there 4 yrs ago under consultant they never said I couldn't have more than one partner but they wanted to kick dh out overnight because my contractions slowed down after fighting with them they sent him to sleep in a staff room! And my dd was born at 9am next morning so very glad he stayed! I'm booked to give birth there in 5weeks and I won't be taking any nonsense! It my birth!! Otherwise it was ok

aichi Fri 16-Aug-13 20:24:26

I gave birth to my dd at rah nearly 3 years go initially midwife led unit but my dd was so very comfortable that I was in labour for 2 full days...and couldn't take the pain anymore and didn't have the energy to push that I requested to go downstairs(cld) and had assisted birth (forcep..)...although they made me push for another 45 mins or so...seemed longer at that time!

I'm going bak there again as I'm pregnant, but requested to have a home birth.

my experience of giving birth at MLU were great, the midwives and peace and quiet room were fantastic.. Infact I'd say all te midwives at rah were great!!

I'm sure if you speak to the consultant again they will refer you to the mlu.

Cheekybubbles Sat 17-Aug-13 22:19:27

I had my DD at the RAH 10 months ago. Who was it who said she could not have her birthing partners?

My GP told me I'd have to go CLU as I had been monitored 3 times during pregnancy but I spoke to my midwife and she just scoffed and told me to look out my tankini for the birthing pool!

I ended up in both MLU and CLU. Started in amazing birthing pool but due to lovely DD getting stuck ended up downstairs in CLU. I have nothing but praise for both units, the staff were utterly fantastic. My birth was not at all how I planned but the staff really made it alright for me.

I work in NHS and the RAH maternity has a fantastic reputation. smile

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