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Does this sound like something might be starting to happen??

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HelgatheHairy Wed 07-Aug-13 19:28:37

I'm 40+4 today. I've pretty much constant discomfort for the last few days but this evening it's period pain type pain. No real pattern, just some lighter cramps and some really strong ones. I've had no bloody show/mucus plug.

Does it sound like labour might be on the way???

First baby so a bit clueless!

SellbyDate Mon 19-Aug-13 05:31:37


LittleMissSnowShine Mon 12-Aug-13 20:23:44

Three hours!! Wow!! Midwife was telling me today about a lady who delivered over the weekend, had to be induced with her first, didn't have an easy delivery, but turned up at hospital this time nearly 9cm (with no idea that's how far along she was!) and had the baby about an hour later. Keeping fingers crossed!!

lovelychops Mon 12-Aug-13 10:09:12

Me too little miss, I had four days with dd then three hours second time around! Hope things happen for you soon!

LittleMissSnowShine Mon 12-Aug-13 08:39:19

sofia - wow!! 5!! i'll bear that in mind if I ever go into labour, 40+3 today grin

SofiaAmes Mon 12-Aug-13 02:47:22

Beautiful name!!!!
By the way, don't let a super long labor the first time around fool you into thinking it will be that way next time. I had 40 hours the first time and 5 the second. dd was almost born in London rush hour traffic.

LittleMissSnowShine Sun 11-Aug-13 08:22:42

Not yet helga! But I had 53 hours of contractions and throwing up last time round lol So I guess I don't mind being overdue (40+2 today!) and just having twinges on and off if it's likely to mean a quicker delivery wink I'll be out walking this morning tho and keeping fx!!

Cheeseatmidnight Sun 11-Aug-13 07:40:15


HelgatheHairy Sun 11-Aug-13 07:36:18

littlemiss your turn now. Any developments?

LittleMissSnowShine Sat 10-Aug-13 22:45:40

Congrats helga! Sounds like it was tough going but now you can put it behind you and enjoy your lovely baby girl!

lovelychops Sat 10-Aug-13 21:02:14

Brilliant !! Well done you, and what a beautiful name. Congratulations xxx

themilkmonster Sat 10-Aug-13 21:00:35

Congratulations! Gorgeous name! smile

Yonilovesboni Sat 10-Aug-13 20:30:42

Beautiful thread!smile

larlemucker Sat 10-Aug-13 20:24:37

Congratulations!!!! Lovely name!!

InkleWinkle Sat 10-Aug-13 20:12:27

Aww what a lovely name. Congratulations!

Amiee Sat 10-Aug-13 20:11:40

Beautiful name. I'm so happy for you these will be the most wonderful and awful days of your life.

HelgatheHairy Sat 10-Aug-13 20:01:47

Thanks all. We're calling her Aria. I think I'm still a bit in shock!

ZingWidge Sat 10-Aug-13 19:59:58

fantastic news, congratulations!thanks

SpottyTeacakes Sat 10-Aug-13 19:47:08

Aww congratulations! Glad you've finally got to meet her smile

Amiee Sat 10-Aug-13 19:44:34

Have you decided on a name?

EmmaGellerGreen Sat 10-Aug-13 19:44:30


Amiee Sat 10-Aug-13 19:44:07

Congratulations!! I'm so pleased for you!

HelgatheHairy Sat 10-Aug-13 19:31:17

I have a baby girl! In the end I has waters manually broken, induction drip, epidural, vacuum delivery and episotomomy and stitches. But she's beautiful and worth it all!

SofiaAmes Sat 10-Aug-13 08:31:47

It's a matter of your pain level, I thought. I was in far more pain before I dilated than once I got to 7cm (and didn't progress further).

themilkmonster Sat 10-Aug-13 08:30:44

I had a long drawn out labour like you (was induced though), I had an epidural at about 3-4cm as I was exhausted and it had been going on for days. I was also being induced via drip and it hurt like hell. The epidural allowed me to get to 10cm pain free, then it was allowed to wear off so I could feel to push. If you haven't already, do consider epidural.

SpottyTeacakes Sat 10-Aug-13 07:48:30

I think you can have one once you reach a definite 3cm? Fwiw I found getting to 3/4cm by far the hardest work. After that it went quickly.

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