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Natural birth or assisted??

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rachelmum16 Mon 05-Aug-13 11:46:04

Hi everyone,
I am due in Oct and am not sure if I should go for a natural birth on assisted. Basically I would love to do a natural water birth but I'm scared the pain is going to be to much for me and I am going to regret it, so on the other hand maybe I should just take an epidural and forget about all the pain, but I hate taking medication.
I would love to hear stories of others, what they did and how it went.

MrsCosmopilite Mon 05-Aug-13 11:49:34

I had a birth plan that said that I'd like to go with a water birth, but would be happy to accept pain relief.

I don't see the point of making a stressful experience any more traumatic than it has to be.

As it was, I used a TENS machine for early labour, then went into the pool with gas and air, nothing happened. I had a sweep, I had a drip to induce me, and still nothing happened. Ended up with an emergency caesarian.
Things don't always go to plan but as it was I felt that I'd left my options open for whatever intervention was required to ensure safe delivery of my baby.

armsandtheman Mon 05-Aug-13 11:56:15

I agree, hope for the best and leave it open just in case. I also added that I my mum could be there if I asked for her, I didn't in the end, but I wanted to make it clear that I wanted the option kept open.

Essexgirlupnorth Mon 05-Aug-13 11:58:14

Not had my baby yet but the best bit of advice from a midwife was keep an open mind about pain relief. If the labour is quick then gas and air may be enough or if you have been labouring for days with little sleep a epidural may be great.

I would like a water birth if possible but know labour is unpredictable so will see how it goes on the day. I think until I am in labour I won't know what the pain is like and how I will cope with it.

CheeseFondueRocks Mon 05-Aug-13 13:30:48

Assisted birth means forceps or ventouse which is only used if the baby is stuck, so you won't be able to "chose" them at all. You can however refuse them and go straight to C-section if there are problems.

I think you are talking about pain relief options. Not to be confused with "assisted" birth. wink

LeBFG Mon 05-Aug-13 13:45:23

In terms of pain relief, everyone is different. And, despite best laid plans etc events may dictate whether you have an epidural.

I needed to prepare mentally for my second birth (first was epidural). Once I felt ready and accepted the pain I would inevitably experience, I went on to have a pretty text-book painrelief-free birth. I wasn't afraid beforehand, in fact I was looking forward to it, I was very calm but very determined to not have an epidural. But then lots of things played in my favour (ideal positioning, second-time birth, average sized baby) and the birth itself was uncomplicated (started naturally, no prob with cord etc). I was very lucky really.

rallytog1 Mon 05-Aug-13 18:05:12

I don't think you can really 'plan' which to go for, especially if it's your first, as a lot of it will depend on how you go into labour, how you cope with the pain and any complications that arise.

For example, my planned drug-free water birth turned into a 24 hour induced labour flat on my back with an epidural then an emcs.

So I'd keep an open mind, research the options, work out anything you feel is non-negotiable, then take it as it comes. And YYY to what a pp said about 'assisted' meaning forceps etc - you must be talking about pain relief as I don't think anyone would actively choose forceps or ventouse!!!

PeriodMath Thu 08-Aug-13 02:22:18

Nobody chooses an assisted birth!! I presume you mean giving birth with or without epidural. If you are going with an NHS hospital that decision may be taken by someone else - epidurals are not guaranteed.

There's really no need to think about it until the day arrives. If you can manage without, good for you. If it hurts like hell ask for the epidural. Try water first though, many recommend it.

Personally I don't see the point of being in pain needlessly but lots of people on MN find feeling like you are being sliced in half by a blow-torch terribly "empowering".

Emmabombemma Thu 15-Aug-13 08:14:10

OP have you considered hypnobirthing? You may not need pain relief then and may have a more positive experience. There are some threads about it on here but you can just google it. Good luck x

mrshectic Fri 16-Aug-13 00:20:59

With my first I had a water birth, they kept asking me if I wanted pethidine but I refused as I wanted to do a natural birth. Mainly because my biggest fear was tearing or being cut and I feel personally if you are using pain relief you won't be able to feel when your body needs to push, etc. I did cope, I'm not the best with pain, but I was determined.

My second was induced, I was desperate for another water birth, but not enough staff on duty....had gas and air and another natural birth, not tearing.

I'm 35 wks gone with my 3rd, I'm still scared of what will happen, but at the time we all just get on with it, no matter what happens. You'll just figure it out as it happens, so just have an idea of what you want to try to do and the rest will follow.

Good luck!

spawill Thu 10-Oct-13 09:34:48

Despite all the stories and reassurances I was still dreading labor so I joined a couple of classes but then the distance to get to them was too much. I checked online and found a site that offers a great resource at The kit I bought infidelity helped me in overcoming my fears.

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