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What did people buy as a present for toddler from baby?

(46 Posts)
bluesnowfalcon Mon 05-Aug-13 08:27:34

Hi all,

bluesnowfalcon Mon 05-Aug-13 08:28:57

I was wondering what to buy ds who is 3 from the new baby due in October. What have other people done to ease acceptance?

trixymalixy Mon 05-Aug-13 08:30:10

Standard fare in my group of friends has been a micro mini scooter.

ABitLesMis Mon 05-Aug-13 08:30:59

We bought our 21 month old a Gruffalo floor puzzle as a gift from his new baby brother last month. Seemed to do the trick!

bigkidsdidit Mon 05-Aug-13 08:31:21

A big bag of chocolate buttons in the cot at the hospital for DS1 to discover. Am a bit shock at a micro scooter!

AllSWornOut Mon 05-Aug-13 09:32:22

We've got DC1 a digger he can use in his sand pit and a t-shirt with a digger on saying "Big Brother". Bag of chocolate buttons is a good idea too.

shock at the scooter.

Arisbottle Mon 05-Aug-13 09:34:23


sweetiepie1979 Mon 05-Aug-13 09:36:52

I'm doing scooter and buttons and t.shirt. Probably going to buy some puzzle type things for days a cant go out to entertain dd. might get a tv now too!

NaturalBaby Mon 05-Aug-13 09:38:37

Nothing. They were more than happy to play with all the baby toys that the baby got given!

thegoldenfool Mon 05-Aug-13 11:56:25

a dressing up rag doll for DD1 (2) from expected DD2, me and DP

DD1 has ´bought´ a mobile for expected DD2 - I hadn´t thought to make it a two way gift giving but someone at work mentioned that they had done it and it seemed a good idea

VotePedro Mon 05-Aug-13 13:28:33

DS2 'bought' DS1 this www.borntotoddle.com/le-toy-van-barbarossa-pirate-ship?gclid=CIqR9fyl5rgCFSXLtAodvV4A_g . Was a huge hit, kept him occupied during feeds and is now DS2's favourite toy (DS1 grown out of it). He always remembers that his brother brought it with him when he came.

This time round DC3 is bringing a playmobil set for DS2 and some Tintin figures for DS1 - again will hopefully keep them occupied.

RNJ3007 Mon 05-Aug-13 13:33:43

Our DD will be getting a box of craft supplies from her brother when he arrives - paper, pencils, kiddie scissors, stickers, stampers, glitter glue, sequins etc etc to keep her busy when I'm nursing.

She picked out his going home outfit (with matching muslin-weight blanket and nappy!) and my parents are taking her to Build a Bear to make him a teddy (and get her one as a surprise treat!)

toobreathless Tue 06-Aug-13 00:45:12

Toy Pram, only problem was that she was desperate to put her baby sister in it [grun]

toobreathless Tue 06-Aug-13 00:45:33

Aargh grin clearly

gaelicsheep Tue 06-Aug-13 00:50:10

A microscooter. 3 years on DS still tells people that his sister brought the scooter with her (bring tears to my eyes!).

sweetiepie1979 Tue 06-Aug-13 02:45:01

* RN 3?* where are you getting your craft box? Or are you making it up yourself?

IneedAyoniNickname Tue 06-Aug-13 03:00:09

A pack of 20 cars (ds1 was 2.2 at the time) they cost about a fiver.
Ds1 chose a cuddly toy for the baby.

alittlebitcountry Tue 06-Aug-13 03:28:26

A toy doctors kit DD had played with at a friends and loved. She's 2.5.

Squooodle Tue 06-Aug-13 04:26:02

A small box of wooden dominoes! They were cute and I put them at the bottom of the Moses basket for dd to find... We still have them and she still comments that her little sister gave them to her. So I don't think it matters what you give, it's a gesture.

Bearandcub Tue 06-Aug-13 04:34:48

What a great site VotePedro - wicked web skills there!

DS2 gave DS1 a cosy coupe car that was on sale. Definite winner.

Bearandcub Tue 06-Aug-13 04:43:17

Yikes that serves me right for posting without reading to the end of the thread.

Winner= hit for DS1. Didn't mean to imply big presents were better as it reads.

I do agree that it is the gesture that is remembered more than the gift. Our extravagance was to appease my guilt as having had an awful pregnancy and been in and out of hospital plus taking maternity leave at the last moment I was worried sick it might all be too much for DS1.

Buy whatever you choose OP.

sleepywombat Tue 06-Aug-13 05:08:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CorrieDale Tue 06-Aug-13 05:43:01

The birthing pool and chocolate biscuits. He still hated her - a combination of green eyed monster and red mist gave us a tiring two years. All fine now though.

bluesnowfalcon Tue 06-Aug-13 06:48:43

Thanks all - after a lot of debate I'm thinking maybe kids magazine/colouring book and a box of toy cars to play with alongside a kinder egg!

Something to do together, something to amuse him when I'm busy and food! Always a winner with my ds grin

bigkidsdidit Tue 06-Aug-13 09:00:55

One thing I would say is we had visitors bringing presents for DS2 and DS1 got very jealous of the wrapping, more than anything, a friend of mine told me she wrapped up little packs of haribo and poundshop presents and if someone came round with only s present for the baby, her toddler got one of those. I thought that was genius!

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