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Good not-too-woo Hypnobirth course in Hackney?

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Amibambini Fri 12-Jul-13 11:59:43

Hello. I have heard really good things about hypnobirthing and feel I'd really like to do a course for my birthing experience. I am really interested in the idea of mastering fear and allowing your body to do the work its supposed to do, however I have a hard time staying calm and not irritated around anything that's super hippy-dippy. Relaxation music, like the stuff you hear in spa's and stuff, makes me gag, in fact I find those kind of sounds as relaxing as nails down chalkboards.

Can I do hypnobirthing while listening to Queens of the Stone Age?

If you have had any good experiences of down-to-earth, practical, non-whale-song-and-wind-chimes courses in Hackney or nearby, I'd love to hear about it.

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