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Anyone have the UCLH hosital bag list?

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GingerJulep Wed 10-Jul-13 21:07:14

Was given a copy of this at t birth class and really liked it - seemed to have about the right amount of stuff... So, of course I've lost it.

Does anyone have a copy? Or know where to download one? I couldn't find it on their website...


Cornwall73 Thu 11-Jul-13 07:04:07

I've got one I was given at the twin class a couple of weeks ago. I guess it's the same but with less baby clothes? I'll dig it out.

GingerJulep Thu 11-Jul-13 08:53:46

That would be fabulous thank you!

Cornwall73 Thu 11-Jul-13 11:24:09

Here you go, when are you due?


•Maternity notes
•Books, magazines if being induced

•Old nightdress/t-shirt to give birth in
•Flip flops/easy shoes
•Lip balm
•Bottle of water/sport drink
•High energy snacks
•Food for birth partner
•Hair band
•Phone Charger

Post Natal:
•Maternity pads
•Old/disposable knickers
•Dressing gown
•Nightdress/PJs with front opening for BF
•BF bras
•Breast pads

•Cotton wool
•Sunflower oil (good for skin and removing first poos!)
•Baby blanket
•Hat x2
•Vests x10
•Baby grows x10

Going Home:
•Car seats
•Change of clothes for mum

PestoSwimissimos Thu 11-Jul-13 11:29:32

Oooh Kate!

Is that you?

Cornwall73 Thu 11-Jul-13 11:35:44

No sorry, I'm not a Kate!

Nellysgirl Thu 11-Jul-13 11:44:18

This looks like a good list to work from smile where is my pen...?

PestoSwimissimos Thu 11-Jul-13 12:52:31

Not you Cornwall, the OP!

The <<whispers>> royal one...

GingerJulep Thu 11-Jul-13 13:12:07

Cornwall73 you're a star! Twins AND organisation... I guess you'll need it to cope with two!

I'm due on the 19th. What about you? Expect I'll be late (no signs yet and everyone in my family has been late).

Planning a home birth but packing the bag just in case as this is my first so quite likely I'll end up transferring in.

Best of luck with your two (or more?!?)

Cornwall73 Thu 11-Jul-13 13:52:04

Pesto, wrong hospital, unless she is trying to throw everyone off the scent!

Ginger, I am booked for a c-section on the 15 Aug at 37+3 if they don't come earlier, and yes it's 'just' twins smile. Another thing I would add to the list are plastic bags for dirty linen. Don't know if you know this but UCHL encourage partners to stay overnight and sleep on the chairs besides the beds, even in the four bay wards. They have ordered recliners but not arrived yet, so your partner would also need a change of clothes/toiletries.

Good luck with your home birth!

GingerJulep Thu 11-Jul-13 14:36:16

Yes, very pleased partners can stay now - they changed the rules this year I think. Would have been the worst thing about having to go in if necessary but really relaxed about it now.

Good luck for 15th!

clabsyqueen Fri 12-Jul-13 16:58:19

Ginger, maybe your midwife told you already but according to mine UCLH NEVER have enough pillows and women often go without!!! Beggars belief. Anyway, my hospital bag has had to double in size knowing this. Any idea if we need to take towels to UCLH or do they not get stolen as often?

Cornwall73 Fri 12-Jul-13 18:33:06

I've been told to bring pillow and towel with me.

clabsyqueen Fri 12-Jul-13 18:40:31

Time for an even bigger bag then. Feels a bit ridiculous to take almost a suitcase!

AhoyAhoy Sun 28-Jul-13 17:12:31

Have you considered the vacuum storage bags? I have just bought some from ebay to condense all the winter woollys and extra bedding while moving house.

Might be handy for hospital bag if you need to take towel and pillow but are short of space. Doubt you would be able to vacuum them back down for the journey home, but maybe by then they can be left/ disposed of/ chucked into the boot/

AhoyAhoy Sun 28-Jul-13 17:13:09

...when you leave the hospital.

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