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I pooed, did you?

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joanna0211marie Wed 10-Jul-13 12:27:58

I pooped in labour and had no idea until dh kindly let me know a few days later, I know I peed because I asked the midwife if it was my waters, nope just pee! This was all at the pushing stage though so I can be forgiven

AmberLeaf Thu 11-Jul-13 22:25:51

Schro! Was wondering about you all week!

Congratulations on the new wee one flowers smile

FunnysInLaJardin Thu 11-Jul-13 22:35:32

DH has confirmed that I didn't poo with either of mine, thank god grin Oh and 2 very fast labours after induction so maybe that's the answer!

FunnysInLaJardin Thu 11-Jul-13 22:37:53

btw Schro many congratulations. You know they say what is better then having a boy? Having 2 boys! I have 2 boys and they are fab

magimedi Thu 11-Jul-13 22:42:19

Congratulations, Shro.

I didn't poo as my DS was born in the dark ages when you had to have an enema as soon as you went into hospital. (And were shaved!)

I will give you no further details.

FunnysInLaJardin Thu 11-Jul-13 22:53:30

magi to be fair you are old though

magimedi Fri 12-Jul-13 08:45:19

OI!! Funnys - old in body but not in spirit!! grin

FunnysInLaJardin Fri 12-Jul-13 10:48:49

too troo grin

FunnysInLaJardin Fri 12-Jul-13 10:49:15

by the way was it you that used to live in Jersey?

magimedi Fri 12-Jul-13 13:23:09

Yes, born & bred there but haven't lived there for some long time.

FunnysInLaJardin Fri 12-Jul-13 14:15:02

thought so

Steffanoid Fri 12-Jul-13 22:23:10

I didn't, I was trying to go pretty much for the 36 hours before my emcs, I asked to go to the toilet before the epidural was sited and catheter too, got told it was ok because of the catheter, whispered to dp that I needed to poop and he told my mw who said no dear thats the baby, the catheter meant I didn't lee on anyone and dp swears I didn't poop, he's a crap fibber so I know I can believe him grin

notnowbernard Fri 12-Jul-13 22:27:07

Doesn't everyone?!

I have 2 Mw friends, both assure me everyone squeezes out a bit of faecal matter

Mine feature in the immediate post-birth photos! nice

weeblueberry Fri 12-Jul-13 23:08:02

I asked the midwife and she said no. I didn't feel as though I had and DP swears blind I didn't but I'm still a bit hmm lol

VisualiseAHorse Fri 12-Jul-13 23:29:09


I did a MASSIVE one during the latent stage, about 6 hours before baby arrived.

igirisu Sat 13-Jul-13 20:24:46

I pooed during childbirth yes, couldn't wee though unfortunately so had to have a catheter sigh and i honestly did not care! My bf said it was little rabbit poos! I kept saying "i'm having a poo don't look, sorry guys" and at 10 cm dilated i got up off the bed in a daze of pethadine, walked to the toilet across the corridor and locked myself in, what i thought was a poo i was trying to push out was actually my son, the midwives and my boyfriend panicked and made me open the door and get back into bed! grin

BotBotticelli Tue 16-Jul-13 13:47:54

yep, deffo pooed during the 90 minute push-a-thon involved in getting my 9lb 3oz DS1 out!! There was significant blackish meconium in my waters as well though, so to this day I just like to claim it was meconium all over my leg when I demanded that DH should grab my thigh and hold it back/up to help me bear down.

He frequently refers to it as 'that time i held your pooey leg' hmm

quickchat Tue 16-Jul-13 21:06:22

Yep, In an ambulance, on my all fours. I don't want to talk about it though!

CuppaSarah Thu 18-Jul-13 15:12:32

I had the squits throughout my latent phase bit, and literally could not hold anything down throughout. By the time proper labour came round(20 hours later) there was nothing left to poo. I think I did an elegant petite little turdette while I pushed though.

PearlyWhites Thu 18-Jul-13 16:37:37

Yes with dc 4 it was a shock !

hurricanewyn Thu 18-Jul-13 16:51:04

Not with DS but did with DD - I started crying "waah, I just pooooooeeeddd." The midwife assured me I didn't - kept saying she couldn't see it, as did DH.

I asked a few weeks later & he did say he'd never seen it, but there had been a very quick & discreet pad change while I was pushing.

Don't know why it bothered me so much at the time. Not like I hadn't enough to be worrying about smile

MamaChubbyLegs Sat 20-Jul-13 17:16:15

I didn't. It was the only thing I was prepared for!

I did wee everywhere though. Several times blush

Dylanlovesbaez Sun 21-Jul-13 11:48:46

I did afterwards. They were just about to sort me out when I felt it and smelled it. I cannot imagine what my face looked like at that point. Dp was in recovery room with dd so he didn't see!

makemineamalibuandpineapple Sun 21-Jul-13 12:33:16

Yes I pooed but ex-husband didn't tell me until a couple of years later thank goodness as I would have been very embarrassed. I think we were watching a woman giving birth on tv at the time and she did it and that was when I asked if I did it blush

TwoTearsInABucket Sun 21-Jul-13 13:46:45

Didn't poo with DS (was EmCS), Didn't poo with DD but kept saying I'm going to poo rather manically. I didn't, I had a baby instead.

But I did have a homemade enema after DS, as pooing after a CS and on lots of iron tablets was impossible. DH helped blush

91chloejp Mon 22-Jul-13 03:17:59

I love this thread. No one talks about thia at Mum's and baby's groups.

I had a water birth with DS so I know I didn't poo but my mum did tell me that while I was pushing she was thinking "please don't poo, please don't poo"

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