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Braxon Hicks? Didn't have them last time!!!

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jersey Mon 05-Jun-06 15:10:29

Hi, seeing as I am on my second baby I should know but I don't remember having these last time.

For some time, although now I get them most of the day on and off I get a feeling of intense pressure at the front of my bump, around my tummy button. I put it down to the baby pushing against me but not sure now as it happens a lot, even now as I am typing. Can't say if my bump is tight to the touch as it feels that way all the time now (34 weeks on friday). They can get painful but most of the time they release the pressure just as things get really uncomfortable. They also sometimes seem to spread down the front of the bump.

Are these Braxon Hicks, or the baby pushing?


Marne Mon 05-Jun-06 15:12:31

They are worse with no2, i had them from 24 weeks with dd2 but not with dd1, thought i was going into labour a couple of times and then when i did go into labour i had no pains at all.

jersey Mon 05-Jun-06 15:18:18

Thanks Marne, gets very uncomfortable just couldn't remember having these with DS. Oh well hope this means this one will come in early (37 weeks+) .

YellowFeathers Mon 05-Jun-06 15:20:43

Yes they deffo sound like BH's.

I didn't get many with dd but I get around 10 a day now with this baby. Am 30 weeks atm.
My MW said you feel them more with second + pregnances because of muscle tone etc.

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