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what the heck is a flat sacrum??

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morocco Fri 06-Feb-04 11:08:34

cos I've got one apparently
not very hopeful of response here but if anyone knows what it is could they enlighten me (doctors visit seems a long way off) and does it affect childbirth?

Twinkie Fri 06-Feb-04 11:22:24

God I'mno help I thougt it was the 2 little lines above your mouth that run up to your nose!!

Sure mears will know.

Good luck.

Momof2 Fri 06-Feb-04 11:25:22

I just googled and found that it is the flat triangular bone at base of spine.

bluebear Fri 06-Feb-04 11:29:34

yup - it's the base of your spine.
Twinkie - you're thinkimg of philtrum

mears Fri 06-Feb-04 23:15:46

Who told you that you have one Morocco?

There are all sorts of differences that people have with various parts of their body. A flat sacrum may or may not affect delivery. Wouldn't probably be able to say in advance.

morocco Sat 07-Feb-04 15:15:49

cheers guys - oh mears the things you have to go through when giving birth in strange countries!! - here everyone has an xray in the last month to check their pelvis is Ok - anyhow, now seen doctor and mine is fine apparently for a birth but I couldn't make head or tail of this flat sacrum malarkey - only thing I found out when I looked it up was that I would have been a good centre forward footballer!!
what is it then?

mears Sat 07-Feb-04 16:19:37

Here is a picture of a sacrum

A flat sacrum might make the baby adopt an awkward position in labour. However, we have stopped doing X rays of the pelvis because they are unreliable. I remember women getting an A-ray after breech sections but that was a number of years ago.

mears Sat 07-Feb-04 16:43:39

Had to leave for a minute there.

The sacrum is normally curved so a flat one is just that. However, what does that really mean for you?

here is an article which questions the benefit of doing an X-ray.

Funny all these different ways of doing things.

morocco Sun 08-Feb-04 11:29:45

thanks mears - funny the things you learn about your body that you never knew before. I'm going to bore everyone stiff about my flat sacrum now.

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