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Live homebirth thread.

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pinkballetflats Sat 06-Jul-13 01:59:47

Anyone waters just partly went.....

Bullets Mon 08-Jul-13 13:08:53

Congratulations pink!!!! Love the idea of a homebirth if we ever go for DC#2, thank you for the insight. I hope you enjoyed curling up in your own bed afterwards, how perfect!

Beautiful name too, enjoy all those gorgeous snuggles with Rachel xxx

Tinwe Sun 07-Jul-13 20:12:25

Congratulations Pink! And welcome Rachel Amelia smile

PinkFondantFancy Sun 07-Jul-13 11:18:08

Oh how wonderful! Gives me goosebumps! Welcome to the world Rachel, enjoy your lovely newborn snuggles Pink!

Fairydogmother Sun 07-Jul-13 11:17:16

Congratulations! flowers

WhispersOfWickedness Sun 07-Jul-13 10:30:23

Aww, congratulations grin thanks

ReikiMummy Sun 07-Jul-13 10:28:33

Welcome little Rachel smile
Well done Pink!

MadameJosephine Sun 07-Jul-13 09:50:17

Hurrah! Welcome to the world little Rachel, I'm sure she's scrummy and worth every contraction. Enjoy! Xxx

Marlinspike Sun 07-Jul-13 09:22:47

Aahhhhh.... well done Pink, and welcome to the world Rachel Amelia!

WireCat Sun 07-Jul-13 09:12:17


little sob


Theselittlelightsofmine Sun 07-Jul-13 09:09:11

Congrats Pink and welcome to the world baby x

AntoinetteCosway Sun 07-Jul-13 09:02:40

Congrats Pink!

FortyFacedFuckers Sun 07-Jul-13 08:56:06

Congratulations grin

MissStrawberry Sun 07-Jul-13 08:32:31

Oh how lovely! This has brought a tear to my eye blush.

Many many congratulations to you all!!

twolittlebundles Sun 07-Jul-13 06:58:26

Congratulations- hope you are now being brought toasties in bed!

AtYourCervix Sun 07-Jul-13 06:24:17

Congratulations and well done!

LoveBeingUpAt4InTheMorning Sun 07-Jul-13 04:09:01

Congrats x

HenD19 Sun 07-Jul-13 03:45:59

Yeah! Congratulations! Sounds like you're a toughie and did really well. Really pleased that you got to have the homebirth you wanted.

Hooleywhipper Sun 07-Jul-13 03:31:42

Well done pink. Congratulations on safe arrival of your beautiful daughter.
biscuit &brew much deserved xx

OdaBear Sun 07-Jul-13 03:11:52

Congratulations pink and a huge well done on getting through labour. Enjoy it all, even the crying, as it all goes too quickly...

All the best xxx

pudtat Sun 07-Jul-13 03:09:58

Sorry it was an ordeal but sure little Pink will make it all worthwhile. Lovely names. Relax. Be pampered. Be gentle with yourself. Enjoy her. thanks

Thanks Hannah for updates, thanks

frutilla Sun 07-Jul-13 03:09:11

Congratulations Pink, and welcome Rachel Amelia! Lovely name too!! xx

DrMcDreamysWife Sun 07-Jul-13 02:50:00

Well done pink. Tough labour sounds ouchy. Congratulations on your new daughter, Rachel is a lovely name. Enjoy recovering in your own bed!

TWinklyLittleStar Sun 07-Jul-13 02:34:20

Well done pink, congratulations.

Littleballofhate Sun 07-Jul-13 01:35:50

Welcome to the world Rachel! Well done to your mum too! Many blessings for a bright, long and happy all the way from the US xx

cjdamoo Sun 07-Jul-13 01:29:32

huge congrats from down under

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