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Live homebirth thread.

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pinkballetflats Sat 06-Jul-13 01:59:47

Anyone waters just partly went.....

Rulesgirl Sat 06-Jul-13 04:11:00

Just in case......

pinkballetflats Sat 06-Jul-13 04:18:39

I've got a bag packed smile

Meconium is my dread...but Ive got my research done...even NICE agrees that meconium does not equal distress and not all meconium is equal.

OdaBear Sat 06-Jul-13 04:26:41

Meconium was a pain, but little man wasn't in distress and was fine. Had an amazing (hospital) water birth just over 3 weeks ago. Decided to not opt for homebirth this time as our eldest is still pretty young (19 months) and our flat isn't our own - didn't want to fork out to clean any permanent mess-damage. Worked out perfectly in the end.

Any further progress since your walk? Any harder contractions?

pinkballetflats Sat 06-Jul-13 04:45:44

No harder contractions, but lots more leaking. I can feel my pelvis changing and she's definitely "there" when I bend/squat/sit.

twolittlebundles Sat 06-Jul-13 04:55:18

All sounds promising to me- how are you feeling?

pinkballetflats Sat 06-Jul-13 05:01:10

Wobbly and calm intermittently! Just checked her heart rate - around 130 and holding with very slight variations and very very low down. Intermittent strong BH, bit of back ache.....

ZuluWarrior Sat 06-Jul-13 05:01:15

Can I join the cheerleaders (slightly enviously)? Up with pregnancy backache at 37 weeks. Go pinkballetflats!

pinkballetflats Sat 06-Jul-13 05:03:29

Hey Zulu! I'm 39+2.

ZuluWarrior Sat 06-Jul-13 05:05:58

I'm going to finish some work I was meant to do last week - this thread is going to keep me going! Was your last one early? I had my other two at 39 and 38. Early babies are great smile.

HenD19 Sat 06-Jul-13 05:08:58

Ooo how exciting! I had DC3 6 weeks ago and am v jealous of you in a sick kind of way! Sounds like you're being really strong. My DS was also born Christmas 2010 in the snow....

twolittlebundles Sat 06-Jul-13 05:12:04

low down is wonderful- are you using the TENS? If not, is there anyone who can press down on your lower back? There are some awesome pressure points (called the sacral points) there that might be useful if you are beginning to feel it in your back. If you put your hands on your hips, reaching your thumbs around to your back, you'll be able to push around a bit- you'll know when you find them because they'll be tender but will feel good when you press into them.
For the wobbles, there is a good point on the sole of the foot - the one called Kidney on this page

pinkballetflats Sat 06-Jul-13 05:17:39

DC was 2 days late...but only just (02:16)

ZuluWarrior Sat 06-Jul-13 05:25:16

Picking up lots of useful tips on here. I'm not brave enough for a home birth but we have a lovely midwife-led unit which is about as homely as it gets. And someone else makes your bed!

pinkballetflats Sat 06-Jul-13 05:29:40

I nearly went for the MLU but the 40 minute drive put me when I went to see it it wasn't very homey really

ZuluWarrior Sat 06-Jul-13 05:32:23

It's so variable depending on where you live, isn't it? My friends in Edinburgh don't even have the option of a MLU. It seems to be full-on labour suite or nowt. I feel really lucky.

Understand why you wouldn't fancy a 40 minute drive though - ouch!

dinkystinky Sat 06-Jul-13 05:36:34

Good luck Pink. Have something to eat, stick on a favourite Dvd and sit on your birth ball having a good roll around - should help encourage her down and get those contractions going in earnest.

OdaBear Sat 06-Jul-13 05:45:34

Nodded off... for an hour. Rudely awakened by not so sleepy newborn.

How's it going?

pinkballetflats Sat 06-Jul-13 05:48:17

Crap...I may be wrong, but I think she might be OP judging by the backward sacral pressure I'm getting....

Hey Dinky!!!!

Newborns and their non-sleepiness.....

SoYo Sat 06-Jul-13 05:48:28

Hi pink, I'm Up again. I hope you've ordered a sleepy one! Glad there's more fluid now, hope it all picks up. I'm going to co-sleep for an hour or so so can't type.

Dillydollydaydream Sat 06-Jul-13 05:48:33

It'll be lovely. My dd was born at home 6 weeks ago. We have lovely cream carpets throughout - not a mark on then which surprised me!
Good luck pink

OdaBear Sat 06-Jul-13 05:54:12

Don't get too hung up if you think she's OP. If she is, she is. The majority of babies turn during labour, and I'm sure with being mobile etc, that will encourage her to get into position.

Both my boys were OP and turned fine during labour. Hands and knees!!

(Newborn and non-sleepiness and fussiness... AND toddler awake in next room having a cry!!!).

lotsofcheese Sat 06-Jul-13 05:55:46

Another one wishing you good luck!

I had loads of sacral pressure with my ds but he was in perfect position.
But for goodness sake, you are not in active labour, go and get some rest!

pinkballetflats Sat 06-Jul-13 06:01:56

OK...not that I will go to sleep, but I'm going to go and get on the couch with some toast.

TotallyEggFlipped Sat 06-Jul-13 06:24:09

Hi pink. I found you!
Rest while you can.
Good luck!

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