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Baby weights

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Yonididnaedaethat Thu 27-Jun-13 19:11:04

I was told that usually the 2nd/3rd baby always weighs this true?

Dd was 7lb 13
DS was 8lb 3
DS was 8lb 4
I'm now pregnant with a girl so I'm now wondering if she's likely to be a 8lb der too.

LandOfSpareOom Thu 27-Jun-13 19:13:03

Ds1 over 12lbs
Ds2 9lb 15

I drank caffeine the second time, maybe that's why!

Beatrixpotty Thu 27-Jun-13 19:13:14

7lb 13
8lb 2
8lb 12
All DSs,all born ELCS at 39/40..your theory is true in my case but I don't think it always works that way

RandomMess Thu 27-Jun-13 19:17:40

dd 41 weeks = 7lb 6oz
dd 42 + 3 = 10lb 6oz
dd 40 weeks = 9lb 2oz
dd 42 weeks = 9lb 10oz

Yonididnaedaethat Thu 27-Jun-13 19:18:11

Land, over 12lbsshock

Branleuse Thu 27-Jun-13 19:19:24

ds1 6lb 2oz
ds2 10lb
dd 7lb 11oz

blondiep14 Thu 27-Jun-13 19:21:48

DS 1 - 8lb 1oz
DS 2 - 10lb 1oz
DD 1 - 9lb 3oz

JessieEssex Thu 27-Jun-13 20:18:02

DD1 at 39+4 - 6lb 14
DD2 at 36+5 - 6lb 9, so would have been bigger than DD1 at term...

NeedlesCuties Thu 27-Jun-13 20:52:47

DS = 8lb 6oz
DD = 9lb 1oz

LandOfSpareOom Thu 27-Jun-13 20:55:01

I needn't have worried about handling a tiny little newborn the first time around that's for sure!

mamachelle Thu 27-Jun-13 21:03:05

dd1 40+6=8lb 6oz
dd2 39+2=7lb 1oz
dd3 40+0=8lb 8oz

xlatia Sat 29-Jun-13 17:31:59

both DC were exactly the same weight, DC2 was a bit shorter though.

Sleepthief Sat 29-Jun-13 20:21:28

DS1 (39 weeks) = 8lb 4oz
DS2 (39 + 1) = 8lb 3oz
DS3 (39 + 3) = 7lb 13oz

Mine hadn't read the rules about the increasing weight of subsequent babies grin

madamginger Sat 29-Jun-13 20:40:41

DD 40+4 7lb 11oz
DS1 40+2 9lb5oz
DS2 40+0 7lb 13oz

Ds1 was huge he was 59cm long!

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