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Princess Royal or Southern General - help please!

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Cesca1983 Wed 26-Jun-13 12:08:40

I hope you can offer me some advice to help me choose between the above hospitals in Glasgow. I have just moved to the Glasgow area recently so have absolutely nothing to go on.

i had my first baby in 2011 by emcs after a very long and difficult labour with huge baby in op position.

I am now looking to select a hospital (baby due early 2014) with a good track record for elcs or possibly VBAC but am undecided (and may not have a choice anyway).

I am not overly concerned about the after care - ie the food , or bedside manner of the midwives, as it was definitely nothing special the first time. All i care about it that the surgery or birth goes well and that myself and baby are ok.

I keep hearing that the post natal care is bad at the PRMU and the Southern and that particularly the Southern is like a 'factory conveyor belt of mum's'. This is about all i've got to go on, and you can imagine that's not helping me make a decision.

I am sure this topic will have come up in the past, but I know things change and develop over time especially with all the changes in the past few years in these maternity units.

It would be great to hear from any elcs or vbac mum's please.


DrSeussSavedMyLife Wed 26-Jun-13 19:48:48

I had DD2 at the Princess Royal and although she was a normal delivery I did have a major PPH. The post natal care was fantastic, the staff were all brilliant.

I had DD1 in the Queen Mothers and when that shut the PRM & SGM had the catchment area split with the Southern getting the biggest chunk. I believe this is due to a new maternity unit being proposed but have no idea when that is due to be built?

Don't know if any of that helps?

mebe705 Thu 27-Jun-13 06:01:49

Maybe I was just unlucky...
I would not recomend Sgh

so maybe try The Princess Royal if you can

Cesca1983 Thu 27-Jun-13 18:03:52

Thank you both for responding.

That is reassuring to hear about your after care DrSeuss. Did you find the post natal midwives quite friendly then? I keep hearing they are like Rottweilers at both prm and sgh. Also I know this sounds a bit snobby (trust me I'm not) but I've heard that some of the other mums are really rough. I feel bad worrying about that - as long as no one bothers me i don't care.

mebe705 can I ask you to explain a bit more about what you didn't like about your experience at southern. Anything you can tell me will help me make my mind up.

I also have option of rah in paisley, but thought I might be better off in a big city hospital.

Thanks so much x

mebe705 Thu 27-Jun-13 18:37:34

well its to long and to traumatic
but like I mention above perhaps I was just
very unlucky

so if you do have choice go somwhere else and good luck

DrSeussSavedMyLife Thu 27-Jun-13 19:53:08

I thought they were really fantastic, I couldn't fault them. I was only on the wards one night but all other Mums were fine. _

chubbychipmonk Tue 02-Jul-13 01:25:54

Don't get me started on the Princess Royal. . . First baby born there the staff were great, no issues.

Second baby they could not have been any more rude, unhelpful if they had tried! Was in ward 68 (where they take you before you're in 'established labour') for 27 hours, the last 4 of which I was having back to back excruciating contractions. Couldn't be moved to the labour suite because I was only 4cm dilated (they don't move you to labour suite until your 5cm apparently) & despite begging for gas & air could get none because, and I quote, 'there are 8 other women on this ward in labour & only 2 staff on, gas & air requires one to one care so we can't give you any'. I was literally climbing the walls for 4 hours until I eventually got moved round to labour suite (had to walk!!) & was given gas & air. Could go on & on about the actual birth itself which could also have been a completely different story had the staff been different.

The after care also was shocking! Have to leave your babies in the ward to go to 'dining room' (no food/drink allowed at beds) and because my DS had the clinic at 9am I didn't make it into dining room till 9.30am for breakfast to which I was told by an auxiliary, breakfast was finnished, should've been here at 9am, this was the morning after delivering my son the night before so had nothing to eat in about 28 hours.

Like I said, my first experience was very different but with DS2 the staff honestly did not give a flying fuck and I couldn't wait to get out the place. Have a letter of complaint in.

Avoid, avoid, avoid!!

chubbychipmonk Tue 02-Jul-13 01:34:56

. . .and just remembered another 'delight' whilst in the Royal.

Morning after birth (after being refused breakfast coz I was late!!) I asked one of the midwives if I could have a baby bath as DS head covered in dry blood, no bath ever appeared despite saying she would get one. Later that afternoon the lady in bed next to me is being shown by MW how to bath her baby in the baby bath. When she was finnished I very politely asked if I could have the bath to which the conversation went;

MW: 'Well is it your first or second baby?'

Me: 'erm it's my second?'

MW: 'Well we don't show you how to bath a baby if its your second. Really you should know how to do that!'

Me: ' I didn't ask you to show me, I asked if I could have the bath & I'll bath him myself!'

MW: (rolling eyes, tuting & sighing) well you should've asked for it earlier, you'll need to wait till I clean it out now.

Didn't bother bathing him, had the bags packed & ready to leave by the time she came back. angry

Weegiemum Tue 02-Jul-13 01:44:01

<disclaimer> haven't had a baby in Glasgow. So might not be much help.

But .. I am in the Neuro unit at the SGH monthly and have regularly had pregnant or recent postnatal mums opposite me in the ward - they can ask for a midwife/doctor anytime and they come so fast I'm really impressed (often mums with epilepsy or ms needing reassurance).

No idea what it's like on the wards (I can recommend Raigmore in Inverness!!) but immediate care for worried parents seems to be a priority, for what I've seen!

forgetmenots Tue 02-Jul-13 08:55:34

Just had my first in SGH and can really recommend the standard of care for absolutely every step (I was on the antenatal ward, labour, SCBU and postnatal!)

There were a couple of judgey midwives who weren't helpful when I struggled with feeding but that aside I honestly thought the care was fantastic.

Cheekybubbles Tue 02-Jul-13 23:44:42

I had my DD in the RAH in paisley 9 months ago. Care was excellent, doctors and midwives were fantastic. My birth did not go to plan at all but the staff were just brilliant, honestly can't rate them highly enough.

Not sure why you would write off paisley because it's not in the city.... From what I saw from friends who were in Glasgow I got far more personal treatment and caring midwives.

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