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Can I ask some weird Qs about water birth??

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NumberTwoDue Tue 25-Jun-13 15:17:40

We're thinking about a water birth for our second baby, having had a bit of a rubbish time last time... (Briefly, DD pooed about a billion times en route to this world, had the cord wrapped round her neck, I caught an infection mid-way through, resulting in antibiotics, induction drip as contractions were rubbish and finally an epidural and ventouse birth as she was in distress before a bit of time in NICU) ... I wanted a water birth last time, but obviously couldn't when it all went wrong and having now been through labour, and knowing how disgusting it can be, have some weird (possibly TMI) questions about the pool and no one to ask them to. Can anyone help?

1. Is there a lot of birth yuck floating around with you?
2. How do they examine you? Do you have to get out a lot? (Or do they not examine you as much)
3. Who scoops the baby off the floor? If it's you, is that not quite terrifying?
4. What happens if you need stitches?
5. Who's in there with you? Just you? DP?
6. What's the deal with the placenta? Do you deliver that in the pool too?

And the most vain one of all...

7. What's your post birth pic like? Visions of my baby's first photo in this world being marred by my wet, naked, whale-ness....

Sorry if these are all daft, stupid, obvious questions, but I'm in a bit of a flap as desperately want this labour to be different from last time, but have nothing to compare it to but that.

xlatia Sat 29-Jun-13 17:26:23

i just had a water birth, DS2 is 2 days old.

1. my waters went in the pool, before that the water was obv crystal clear. after that, it got a bit murkier, but i was too busy to worry about that. after baby's out there was blood and stuff all over the place but that weirdly didn't bother me at all, as i got DS to cuddle.
2. however they do it, it was very discreet because once i got into the pool, i don't remember being examined at all, definitely no internal examinations anyway. i was on all fours and the MW was behind me most of the time, so the mirror mentioned upthread makes sense.
3. DS bobbed up by himself, but MW and me were reaching for him at the same time. it's beautiful, really.
4. i didn't need any. people have mentioned that the water softens the perineum, but i don't really buy that. wouldn't you go all squishy when staying too long in the tub too? maybe it's more about the fact that you're more likely to be on all fours, which diverts the pressure away?
5. i had one MW, she only briefly popped out a couple of times. when baby was being born DP (who was around all the time, but outside, it didn't even ocurr to me to share MY pool!) had to press the emergency button and some more MWs came in. i think that's precaution so they've got enough people on hand if need be.
6. even though we wanted the cord to finish pulsating it had to be clamped quickly because DS was a bit pale and floppy. while someone looked after him, my MW got me out of the pool and onto a bed where i delievered the placenta. i don't know about a phisiological 3rd stage, though.
and as for the most important thing grin, we only took pics about 2 hrs after the birth, with me and DS wrapped in blankets on the bed and they honestly don't look any different from DS1 who i had on dry land.

i got as many towels as i needed and the water was regularly topped up so it was nice and warm. beforehand i wasn't too fussed about trying the pool, but i think i'll now be one of those annoying women who urges everyone to give it a go as it's so great, relaxing and generally the best thing ever <needs to calm down a bit>

xlatia Sat 29-Jun-13 17:29:27

oh scoutfinch1, i guess what you're wearing is totally you choice and what you feel comfortable with. if you don't want to be naked but cannot be bothered to fiddle with swimwear you might just use a towel, which can be quickly whipped off after the birth?

scoutfinch1 Sat 29-Jun-13 18:08:00

Thanks, using a towel might be a good idea xlatia. I'm taking a cheep primark crop top type thing that I could use or just go naked, I don't think it will bother me but it's hard to say.

BraveLilBear Mon 01-Jul-13 11:59:53

Hi NumberTwo thanks for really helpful thread - I'm hoping for a water birth in a few weeks but will have to hope my numbers come up on the (delivery suite) lottery!

Scout - if I get my water birth, I'm planning to wear a black bikini top - it's a tie-up one so can easily be untied if needed.

jbakedbean Thu 04-Jul-13 10:26:25

I had a natural, all be it back to back birth with my first and he had a poo in me so wasn't allowed the water birth that I wanted, ended up having an epidural much to the relief of my DM and partner.

Second time around I had my longed for water birth, was still a back to back, so was an 8 hour full on labour in the water but wow, was it the best pain relief and coping mechanism yet.

No poo, no mess.

Never got out to be examined, had quite a young midwife who asked me to get out and I refused, (know your rights, they should be able to do it in the water, or just leave you alone), she managed to do it whilst I was in the water.

My pushing stage lasted for a total of 1 minute!!!!, not kidding, I said I needed to push and she asked me to get in a position and pant, to which I got in position but said I couldn't control it, first push (waters hadn't broken at all til this point and I pushed what I thought was the baby's head out, when I reached down to feel it turned out to be the amniotic sack, still in one piece, (felt like a water balloon), second push the head came out, and third push the body followed, I scooped him up and it was just magic.

I'm so desperate to have a water birth for my third child that I will stay at home to guarantee that I can.

The most lovely experience, I'd say if you feel comfortable and relaxed in the water it is the way to go.

Good luck

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