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Due to be induced today but no beds available...feel so low

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Eastie77 Tue 25-Jun-13 09:42:18

I am 41 + 6 and due to be induced today with Propress. I've been really upset about this as I was hoping to go into labour 'naturally' but it just hasn't happened. I had a failed & very painful sweep last Friday and agreed to the induction today if contractions failed to start on their own. After a days of negative thoughts and tears I managed to get myself psychologically prepared for the induction this morning. I've just called the hospital to confirm the time (11am) and it's a good job I did as I was informed they have no beds so I need to call back at 4pm. In fact they cannot guarantee a bed will be available at all. I am sitting here on the verge of tears again as I just can't take much more of this.

I know I sound melodramatic but I after an easy conception (1st attempt) and straightforward pregnancy with no complications I naively assumed this final stage would be just as simple and I'd be able to have my planned zen, water birth and now it has come to this. I also know I shouldn't become too attached to an 'ideal' birth plan but I really never imagined I would still be pregnant 2 weeks after my due date. I was also diagnosed with PUPP last week and have an itchy rash over various parts of my body which has made my life a misery.

To make matters worse I came home from the cinema yesterday to discover 11 text messages from various friends asking for news. I'm grateful people are concerned about me but when one of my closest friends writes "I assume you've had the baby now, how are you doing?" I feel like committing murder. Why would I have had the baby and just not informed anyone?! It is my own fault for telling people my due date. First time mum error which won't be repeated if I ever go through this again!

I'm now back in my negative spiral of thoughts and convinced the Propress will not work and I will end up with complications, mass interventions and probably a CS. DP is very supportive and is very much a positive glass half full type of guy which is normally great but this morning he is annoying me as he doesn't understand why I'm so upset. He is quite nonchalant about the lack of bed availability and just seems to think it is fine since I can be sent to another hospital (we are in London) but I had my heart set on the one I'm booked into.

The final blow for me was I woke up at 2am this morning with what felt like light contractions. They were every 5-10 mins and lasted until 5am. I hoped and prayed this was the start of something happening but I fell asleep, woke up at 8am and no pains at all. Sorry for the long rant, I know the most important thing is to have a healthy baby and I need to be more positive but I am just so, so deflated.

Fairylea Tue 25-Jun-13 09:49:23

Aww sad I really do feel for you. I have two dc with a massive age gap (10 years) and neither of them went to plan. I was induced with my first baby for various reasons and my second was an elective c section but turns out I had undiagnosed placenta previa. Both were very difficult and neither like the Zen / water birth that I envisaged when I was pregnant with my first baby!

However, what I will say is all babies do come out one-way or another eventually. You absolutely won't be pregnant for ever. Intact in some countries a 42 week pregnancy is considered normal. You may go into labour naturally yet ! In fact the fact you're so upset etc may even be a sign.

I know its awful when people keep assuming you wouldhave had the baby by now. I'd just text back a very short message saying still cooking or whatever.

Try not to panic and get too depressed.


Eastie77 Tue 25-Jun-13 10:50:08

Thanks Fairylea, it helps to hear wise words from someone who understandssmile I'm sorry the births of your two DCs did not go to plan but hope all went well subsequently.

Most of my friends haven't had kids yet - hence the non-stop texts. I wrote back a vague mass message just stating that the baby hasn't arrived yet and hopefully they will back off.

I have read that in many countries 41-42 weeks is considered full term and of course my dates may be wrong so I might not be as overdue as I think but I've been on maternity leave since the beginning of the month and really hoped/expected to have a baby by mid June but 4 weeks on here I am with a horrible rash, feeling depressed and no end in sight (yet)

DP is wolfing down his breakfast watching Man vs Food and for some reason this is really, really annoying me. He finds it hard to sit still for more than 5mins and is trying to get me to go for a walk which would probably be a good thing but at the moment I don't feel like moving, I just want to wallow in self pitysmile

I have to call the hospital back in a few hours. I suppose I may as well re-check my hospital bag and try to keep busy.


HappyJoyful Tue 25-Jun-13 11:00:47

I would try and get out for a walk and enjoy the sunshine.

I found the last few days / hours prior to being induced a complete headf**k. It's scary, exciting and incredibly intense.

Please do try and focus on what's important here though - it's not the end of the world to be induced and many have successful positive births following inductions. though if you attended any NCT course like mine, they would put the fear of god into you about it

It's annoying when friends do keep texting when you're so anxious but just do as you say send a group reply saying - all ok, will keep you posted!

Don't get hung up about the 'perfect' birth. It will not do you any favours at this point. As you say, you've been incredibly lucky to conceive 1st time and have an easy pregnancy, you've not failed or done anything wrong now - induction imo is all about what's best for you and the baby. At the end of day, you've got to focus on what matters here that coming home from hospital with a healthy baby and healthy Mum. Going overdue can have serious, serious consequences for both baby/Mum.

NatashaBee Tue 25-Jun-13 11:11:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

footphobic Tue 25-Jun-13 11:25:29

I think you should take heart in the fact things have gone so well so far, try to keep the positives in mind that you and baby are well and that very soon you are going to be a parent and it will be the most wonderful and amazing thing you can imagine.

With any birth plan, we need to accept that it needs to be flexible and might not meet our expectations or hopes, but the important thing is to get the baby delivered safely, rather than fixating on the disappointment if it doesn't go to plan.

An induction, if/when it happens doesn't necessarily mean any of the risks you mention.

I had two inductions with prostin, both labours started shortly after the second lot of gel (6 hours after first) and both were very quick labours, though it was my third and fourth labour. The first was twins and apart from some on/off monitoring I had completely natural unassisted births and recovered very well after.

The twin birth wasn't completely without complications as you might expect and it was a pretty full room! but this was entirely related to it being a twin birth. It was an intense, but amazing and positive experience.

My second induction for my last dd was a quiet calm birth. I really feel if you can make a concerted effort to keep yourself as calm and relaxed as possible and don't waste valuable energy getting upset and stressed it helps you, sorry if this sounds patronising.

Personally I chose to (in my opinion) reduce my chance of intervention by not having epidurals, and managed with gas and air and a very quiet focused approach to conserve energy, but this is a personal choice and something you will want to take advice on and research yourself.

So I think try and have a relaxed day, get out for a walk, have a nice lunch, treat yourself, see a friend, have a bath, read, watch a movie, anything to distract yourself and keep yourself relaxed and calm.

Text your friends back with a friendly jokey response and just reiterate that you will let them know in due course, don't let it wind you up.

Try and go with the flow while you wait for news. Your DP sounds great, so let him help you and calm you through this.

Good luck.

Eastie77 Tue 25-Jun-13 11:39:20

Thanks..I will go for a walk although I have literally walked miles and miles over the last 2 weeks to no avail. On Sunday we found the steepest hill I know of in London and walked up it until I was out of breath and then had a hot curry. Zilch. Nada.

HappyJoyful - I have to agree that the NCT classes did make me feel as if induction is Not A Good Thing and I think that is part of where my negativity stemmed from. The course leader actually became quite emotional as she talked about her 'terrible induction' and subsequent use of ventouse which she now thinks caused her DC's developmental problems.

However over the last couple of days I managed to get into a much better frame of mind as I read some positive stories about Propress. What has put me back is the fact that I now do not know when it is going to happen. The labour ward co-ordinator did not seem particularly hopeful that a bed would become available today and said I am low risk (for which I am grateful) as if I should expect a long wait. I thought I was booked in for a specific time so this came as a bit of a surprise


Heathbaby Tue 25-Jun-13 11:44:10

Hi I just wanted to add that it is reasonable to be a bit peed-off at your DP at this point - I think anyone and anything will be likely to irritate you, and know that I would feel exactly re same (especially Man v Food - easy watching but mindless, when you're so anxious and doing this amazing thing for your family!). But he probably can't in reality do much other than be there. I will keep my fingers crossed for you and if it helps, one of my best friends loved her labour with her first - induction with epidural, hardly any pain, no intervention necessary. It happens. X

Eastie77 Tue 25-Jun-13 11:44:51

Footphobic - thanks for your reply and doesn't sound patronising at all. I am grateful for all advice. Hopefully I will be able to cope with G&A as epidural isn't something I'm overly keen on although I will of course ask for it if I can't cope with the pain.

I'm not sure if this is realistic but I am still holding out a bit of hope that I can have a water birth if I don't need an epi and the Propress is straightforward.

0pumpkin Tue 25-Jun-13 11:56:00

I have induction booked for tomorrow and too am disappointed that nothing has kicked off naturally. I wanted to have an active labour and be able to go in the pool or bath in the midwife led unit but that's clearly not going to happen now, I am just trying to keep focused on the end result! And do whatever you want to do today, don't feel like you have to go out, if you want to lye in bed or on the sofa and watch tv all day then go for it! Sounds like you were up a lot of the night so catch up on sleep or do whatever makes you happy. With you on the friends asking for updates also, my responses have become increasingly sarcastic that I think some people have got the idea that I will tell them when the time comes!
Hope you feel happier and fingers crossed for natural labour today smile

footphobic Tue 25-Jun-13 12:09:23

I have definitely heard/read of women being allowed a water birth with prostin (don't know about propess though as no experience/knowledge) when being induced for being overdue rather than for medical reasons.

I think it depends on the hospital but it could be possible?

Keep us updated if you can, I'd like to know how things are going. smile

nannyl Tue 25-Jun-13 15:54:41

good luck eastie

you realise you dont have to be induced.....

normal pregnancy length is until tomorrow anyway... thatd assuming the dates are correct.... do you have any reason to believe they are not.

If you really dont want to be induced ask for monitoring.... establish that baby / placenta are ok then have a few more days for nature to take its course.

this IS an option if you choose it (though they may not spell it out, if it doeant follow their normal procedure, its still your choice)

Eastie77 Tue 25-Jun-13 16:27:10

Thanks Nannyl. I've always been in the 'wait and let nature take it's course camp' as I so so wanted labour to come on naturally.

The problem is I have now got to a place where I do not think it is going to start without a bit of help. The failed sweep did not help my mood, I was pinning my hopes on that kick starting events. Apart from the light contractions this morning I have not had a twinge at all in the two weeks since my due due date. The EDD may be slightly out but not by much.

The other issue is the skin problem I've developed (PUPP) which the doctor says will only go away once I've given birth. It has been extraordinarily painful and the rash spread from my stomach to my legs, arms, ankles and buttocks (sorry if tmi!) I cannot continue with this for much longer as my skin feels like it is on fire sometimes.

I have weighed up the options and feel that Propess will hopefully be a less invasive form of induction and might still allow me to have a relatively straightforward labour. If I do end up with a CS so be it - I just want a healthy baby but I'm keeping my fingers crossed it doesn't go that way. I just called the hospital and they said I can go in now, the Birthing Centre is an option as there are no complications so hopefully a water birth is still on the cards.


TarkaTheOtter Tue 25-Jun-13 16:52:12

Good luck!! I had an early induction from cold, drip and everything with no complications and a very easy delivery.

Eastie77 Wed 26-Jun-13 14:22:38

Thanks all. Had Propress administered last night. Contractions

Eastie77 Wed 26-Jun-13 14:23:45

Thanks all. Had Propress administered last night. Contractions on and off all morning and huge feeling of
pressure down below. Hoping this is finally the start..

HappyJoyful Wed 26-Jun-13 14:26:23

Good luck!

Thinkingof4 Wed 26-Jun-13 16:09:24

Just saw your thread op, good luck, sounds like things are progressing, and fx baby will be here soon

Eastie77 Wed 26-Jun-13 16:25:55

This is frustrating...contractions feel VERY intense when I am walking around (DP and I have been out for long walks this morning/afternoon) but die down a bit if I sit down so am not sure how much progress I am actually making. Never thought I'd see the day when I'd actually be praying for more painsmile Propress will be removed in about 4 hrs and then next steps assessed. x

AmIGoingMad Wed 26-Jun-13 23:28:10

Good luck op! Sounds like things are moving in the right direction!smile

Fairylea Fri 28-Jun-13 09:37:17

Been thinking of you and hope you are ok X

footphobic Fri 28-Jun-13 10:04:14

Hope for an update soon, they say no news is good news?

Eastie77 Fri 28-Jun-13 11:56:33

Hi all, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl yesterday morningsmile She is 3.8 kilos and DP and I are over the moon.

My labour turned a little haywire towards the end..after 24 hrs on Propress I began contracting at the required regularity and started pushing. Tip of baby's head appeared. However after 2 hrs of not making any further progress several doctors appeared in my room and discovered baby was essentially stuck in an awkward position and I had to have an emergency CS. Straight after the operation my temperature shot up (38.5!!) and I became delirious. I was given anti-biotics & put on a drip, my temp finally went down around 1am this morning. was all worth it & I'd do it again in a shot as the result was def worth all the traumasmile

AmIGoingMad Fri 28-Jun-13 12:07:45


Fairylea Fri 28-Jun-13 21:02:45


That's fantastic news, even if things didn't go quite to plan smile they never do!

Look after yourself, make sure you don't over do anything and have plenty of help x

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