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Missed 6 week check with the GP and feeling guilty

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ohcrappola Mon 24-Jun-13 12:14:17

...dd is now 10 weeks old and I've only just called to rearrange a check.
She's been waking through the night two hourly so my days have been dazed and spent trying to get my head down when I can. But honestly I am generally VERY forgetful and disorganised - the complete opposite of my mum who is a HV.
She just gave me an absolute bollocking for not turning up as they are 20 minute appointments, so two patients pr even 4 could have been seen in that time. And she said in child protection cases not turning up for 6 week checks is a very bad mark against the mother because it's NEGLECT! She said the baby absolutely needs to have the check otherwise abnormalities (e.g. heart, hips etc) can be missed. Also they will not be happy to give immunisations if 6 week check has been missed.

I am now feeling like a bloody terrible mother for being so shit about it. I just did not realise how important it was for dd and how pissed off the surgery will be with me that I wasted 20 minutes of appointment time. shittity shit.

And i'm guessing none of you missed yours right? blush

picnicbasketcase Sun 30-Jun-13 13:10:53

Appointments were not made for me after the birth of my two DC, and I didn't booked one either time either. Nobody ever told me off for it. I suppose I should have gone really, but luckily had no problems.

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