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ELCS scar 3 weeks later

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Teabird Mon 24-Jun-13 22:42:10

Its easy to start to feel better quickly and then overdo it and be back to square one. I found that taking my prescribed medication on time whether I felt I needed it or not made a big difference and I definitely second comfy clothes-I carried on wearing maternity leggings and big knickers for at least 2 months-worth it!!! Congratulations on your beautiful newborn xx

QTPie Mon 24-Jun-13 19:01:11

Swelling can take a few months to go down. "Overdoing it" will make it more tender etc, as will clothes that rub or put pressure on it.

Take it easy.

atrcts Mon 24-Jun-13 15:24:27

Thanks very much, that's really reassuring to know!

phantomhairpuller Mon 24-Jun-13 06:37:00

I meant the tissue around the scar, not the skin! <too early>

phantomhairpuller Mon 24-Jun-13 06:36:00

Yeah I'd almost forgotten it was there and consequently started doing more bending/light lifting etc. Then it made itself known again!

Am guessing its just the pressure in the skin around the scar which causes the swelling.

atrcts Mon 24-Jun-13 06:13:35

Thanks for your reply. Did it suddenly become swollen and a little more sore? My scar seemed to be flat and comfortable up until now!

phantomhairpuller Mon 24-Jun-13 06:03:40

Sounds pretty normal to me, i had EMCS with both my boys and experienced similar on both occasions smile

atrcts Mon 24-Jun-13 05:51:04

I had an ELCS 3 weeks ago. everything has been remarkably smooth recovery wise, but now that I'm hone and doing more (still not lifting but twisting and bending over more etc), my scar has become more tender and on the right side of the scar there seems to be a slightly swollen area which is tender to touch.

There is no discolouration except for residual bruising, no heat, no redness and no temperature, so am pretty sure here is no wound infection. The incision is neat and reasonably straight, dry and has been exposed to the air for over 2 weeks.

Anyone experience this?

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