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Straw-poll: Water birth in MLU or homebirth

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agendabender Tue 25-Jun-13 08:13:54

To check the floor, Amanda

Thank you so much ladies, I knew Mumsnet would have something so say on the matter!

That's good to hear, littlemonkey

littlemonkeychops Mon 24-Jun-13 18:10:34

I had a waterbirth at MLU with DD1 and homebirth with DD2. Would recommend homebirth mine was an amazing experience. I didn't use a pool at home though, had planned to use bath/shower but got kn well with a tens so just stuck with that.

AmandaPandtheTantrumofDoom Mon 24-Jun-13 17:53:46

You don't need to be able to take up the carpet - or do you mean to check how secure the floor looks.

agendabender Mon 24-Jun-13 16:16:17

You're right, Ginger . If I can't have a HB it'll be the hospital and I have to be fine with that. It's a question of aspiration really, just want to hear what people think. 20 people sounds ok! There is some movement in the wetroom floor, but will take up the carpet in the sitting room and have a peek!

GingerJulep Mon 24-Jun-13 14:54:36

You never know where you'll end up (if you have to transfer in from a home birth it would likely be to the hospital rather than MLU though).

So, I'd plan for what you want (chilled out in wet room sounds nice!) but also take some steps (denial/visit/talking/whatever works for you) to ensure that you'd be fine with the hospital option if you needed.#

I'm aiming for a HB but have a birth plan including induction/instruments/EMCS/etc just in case - that way whatever happens it is 'according to plan'!

emsyj Mon 24-Jun-13 11:58:41

I was told that the weight of the pool and water is equivalent to 20 people standing on one spot, so was advised it would need to be downstairs - preferably on a solid floor. I put mine up in the dining room but didn't fill it in the end as I didn't fancy it. I would have a home birth every time - but that said, I've only ever had emcs and home birth, I've never experienced a MLU birth.

PinkFondantFancy Mon 24-Jun-13 11:50:10

Home birth all the way. The community midwives might be able to advise whether they think the floor is strong enough for a pool?

agendabender Mon 24-Jun-13 11:46:57

I was sure about a home birth, but our home is rented, and not in great nick, so I am a bit worried about the floor in the other rooms as well as the wet room. Our MLU is at the Rosie in Cambridge, so fantastic medical backup, but it would take us less time to get there than to prep the theatre I reckon.

LifeOfPee Sun 23-Jun-13 22:28:17

I gave birth to DS in MLU as a compromise with DP, I had wanted a HB but as this was his first experience of labour and birth he wanted the security of a semi medical environment with quick back up if it was needed.

It was lovely and very simple, much like missmash's experience.

Having said all of that though I will be having a homebirth next time just because with two other children to think about it's so much easier and there's no car journey to get to where you're going, you're already there!

In your circs I'd go and view the MLU, talk it through with M/W and then reassess how I felt about it. I'd also get someone from a birth pool hire place to give me advice about the floor and whether it would hold the pool.

Are you leaning one way or the other? If you are then you've probably decided.

AmandaPandtheTantrumofDoom Sun 23-Jun-13 22:24:03

You don't need a wet room for a water birth. My pool was in the middle of our sitting/dining room (i.e our only reception room).

For me, the biggest thing about a homebirth was getting in the pool for pain relief when I needed to. Not based on availability. Not based on how dilated I was or how far progressed. I wanted in, I got in. If it had slowed down my labour, I'd have got out. DD2 was out in half an hour.

An MLU really only gives you anything extra if it is on-site with a hospital in my opinion. My local MLU would blue light you to the nearest CLU in a problem anyway, and actually my house is closer to that hospital than the MLU.

missmash Sun 23-Jun-13 22:18:45

I had DS2 in the birth unit of our local hospital, it was an amazing experience, once the door to my room was closed I only saw my midwife and after showing us the room and equipment she left me and DP to it! I got in the pool for the last stage-waters broke in there and out popped DS2!
Afterwards DP went home, I had a shower then he came back with DS1 and all 4 of us lay on the big bed together, it was so wonderful. We all left 5 hours after giving birth and I loved then being home.
You get all the benefits of a home birth, quiet, no medical equipment, very little midwife involvement and the peace of mind of being in hospital.
Good luck whatever you choose. smile

TapselteerieO Sun 23-Jun-13 22:12:13

HB for me, I had mlu with water birth first time, which was straight forward, but it could not on any level compare to my hb, for ease, comfort and general loveliness (obviously every birth is different). I did enjoy being in the pool the first time but I didn't miss it during my hb - had ds in my bedroom, with some lovely G&A, MW's and dh. Being at home, especially afterwards with close friend and my mother visiting with my dd was so lovely and relaxed compared to being in hospital. Bf was much easier for me too, I think because I was much more at ease.

Good luck, whatever you choose.

agendabender Sun 23-Jun-13 22:02:29

Sorry, too many "howevers!"

agendabender Sun 23-Jun-13 22:01:55

I was planning a home birth with a pool. We have a wet room with great heating and a drain in the centre of the floor. However, I now fear the floor isn't up to the weight of a pool. However, I think the wet room would still be a great place to give birth. I have visions of just running the shower on my lower back. Obviously being at home has a whole pile of other options.

I live 5min drive from a fantastic hospital with a spanking new gorgeous midwife led unit. I gave birth to DS there prematurely, and have PTSD related to what happened when they took me away and I was left on the ward with the new mums and babies, and various other disasters of aftercare. I'm worried that this would affect my labour if I went there.

Which would you go for?

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