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Preparation for and recovery from ELCS

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Cornwall73 Sun 07-Jul-13 20:42:14

Congratulations on the new arrivals. We are discussing an elective c-section with the consultant for our twins on Wednesday so this is really helpful! Great tips!

Can I ask how many pads you are getting through? MW says you only bleed for two weeks after a c-section but I think she was being conservative. At the moment I have 3xboxes of big Boots mat pads and 3x boxes of the slimmer ones. Is this enough?

Clarabell78 Thu 04-Jul-13 04:11:10

Congrats Janey!!! Well I had a bit of a shock in that I went I to labour on my own yesterday at 9am! By the time I got to the hospital at 1030 I was 6cm and then progressed to fully dilated at 1130! Not what I was expecting at all... So much so that they were very unsure about sectioning me at all as I'd progressed so fast. Fortunately they were able too and little Harry joined us at 1210 weighing 6lbs 12..... I had not pain relief until they gave me the spinal in surgery and wow what a beautiful feeling :-) I've been up and about and will get in the shower in the morning... Still can't believe he is here! :-) xxx

Pineapple80 Wed 03-Jul-13 17:54:58

Hi ClaraBell, I had an EmCS nearly 3 wks ago. It went really well and recovery also. I can recommend the big high waisted pants too, as my surgery was emergency I had to ask my MIL to dash out & buy some for me. I have been wearing them ever since, not having the elastic on the pants rub on the scars is a god send!

Also going to repeat what others have said about taking the pain killers they offer in hospital & keep it up at home. I got very constipated and the oxycodone doesn't help! So ask for laxatives if u need to smile.

Try to walk and shower as soon as the midwives advise. For me I was up in 12-15hrs and felt it helped greatly. Take it easy though (I sat in chair & showered) & ask midwife to bring u baby etc rather than attempt to lift on your own in first few days if you're still in hospital that is.

Wishing u best of luck & enjoy your newborn soon!! It's an amazing experience even for me with it bring unplanned csection, it didn't make a difference to my birth experience whatsoever!

janey1234 Wed 03-Jul-13 16:48:26

Just to update you - it was easy! All went well in Friday and it was an amazing experience. The procedure was painless - if slightly weird/uncomfortable feeling once or twice - as was the spinal beforehand (had been dreading that bit but was totally painless!). I was up walking eight hours later, and would have been discharged home within 24 hours had the baby not been ill. The first two nights I couldn't lie on my side, and struggled a bit to sit up on my own, but i took the drugs offered (paracetamol and diclophenic) and never had any pain at all. Five days on and I'm still fine; just been to take baby out for a stroll in the pram!
I know the recovery will vary from person to person but have up say it was infinitely easier than I had expected.

Good luck!

Clarabell78 Fri 28-Jun-13 08:37:32

Good luck janey will be thinking of your today :-(

Thanks for the book recommendation ghislaine.

ghislaine Thu 27-Jun-13 23:09:06

This book might be just what you're looking for!

Caesarean Birth: A Positive Approach to Preparation and Recovery

janey1234 Thu 27-Jun-13 22:58:42

Will let you know how I get on tomorrow - baby has swapped to breech after my 36 week scan so today (38+2) told I've no choice - in first thing tomorrow! Will fill you in after but good luck for 8th. I feel on very safe hands though so feeling surprisingly relaxed!

Clarabell78 Thu 20-Jun-13 19:28:37

Thanks so much everyone for all the tips, really interesting reading and great advice! janey1234 I'm scheduled for the 8th of July so you will need to come back after yours and let me know how you've got on :-)

janey1234 Thu 20-Jun-13 18:39:26

When is your elcs Clara? I'm pencilled in for 28th June - eek! Following your thread for tips. Good luck.

MyDarlingClementine Thu 20-Jun-13 13:45:19

^ this cot was the main aid to my recovery and having a nb. I got mine for £75 off a local paper website thingy.

It not only meant no straining in and out of moses baskets, ie easy BF and back next to me, it also meant....sleep.

I still have to wake up but my sleep is not as disturbed, neither is babies. She has been a fantastic sleeper.

All round its been the best money I have ever spent on anything baby related, I have two DC and i wish I had one with my first and she was a natural delivery!!!

whats more they have a high resale value.

I found fig syrp better than the dried fruit on the constipation front.

Even if you feel well, still take it easy.

Please dont twist early on...when you move from side to side be very very cautious and gentle.

I have had both types of delivery, even with recovery which wasn't fun....and was physically limiting...I found it to be vaslty better than natural because I had sleep, more mental preparation and also my moods didn't go as up and down as last time, so perhaps a hormone thing baby BF from the get go and we are still going now, months later...she is a very calm baby.

I must stress though, the cot, or those like it - are your best friend.

Minifingers Thu 20-Jun-13 13:00:30

Chewing peppermint gum helps disperse wind and improve gut motility.

A maternity pad placed over your scar and held in place by pants can bring comfort.

Don't let pain relief wear off.

Pace yourself.

This last thing is important......

Purplefrogshoe Wed 19-Jun-13 23:14:30

Get up and about as soon as possible, seriously big pants and plenty of rest when you get home, good luck smile

didireallysaythat Wed 19-Jun-13 20:49:19

I had an elcs and it was great. Take all the pain killers, try to get up and about as soon as possible (I used a pedometer to try and increase the amount I walked every day), wrap a pair of tights around the bed end and use them to hoist yourself up if the hospital doesn't lend you a ladder, and don't have any sort of fizzy drink for at least a month (the first can of diet coke was the most painful bit the whole thing).

nowwhat Wed 19-Jun-13 20:39:51

I had one 13 days ago. I had my section at 9am on the 6th and the morning of the 7th was quite unpleasant, getting up for a shower was hard!

Once I got up and actually stood straight for the first time it was ok. The first few days were uncomfortable but it gets better every day. By day 5 I felt like myself again, now 2 weeks on I am still taking things slowly but both of us are totally fine. Have started taking little trips out and going for walks etc. I had to have one dose of that awful lactulose stuff because of the codeine and iron tablets but everything sorted itself out!

The more you do the more you'll be able to do, but that doesn't mean rush anything.

Yes to giant knickers, yes to REST. Take all the painkillers you can whenever you can have them in the first few days. Use your 'call the midwife' button! Have a shower as soon as you feel able, it made a massive difference to how I felt. Jersey maxi dresses are your friend!

My CS was great. I would do it again in a second. Good luck!

krankykitty Wed 19-Jun-13 16:39:26

Edible peppermint oil, a couple drops in warm water can help if you get trapped wind after (I did and it was the worst bit of the whole thing!)
You also might get constipated due to the fiddling around/painkillers which as you can imagine makes the whole area more painful. I started off constipated on the day (sorry tmi) and it wasn't pretty, so if going again I would eat well the week before.. bring lactulose, prune juice or whatever works for you to hospital.
Buy big granny pants that come up over the wound, and make sure the clothes you bring to wear home aren't too restrictive as you will be tender in the lower abdomen.

I had elcs 4 weeks ago today, day 2 and 3 were quite painful I won't lie, but having said that was up and properly mobile within 18 hours or so. Keep on top of the painkillers in hospital and try to get as much rest as you can. I found the first two weeks if I overdid it on any day I would be sore that night. Take any opportunity you get to have a lie down and rest. I'm still a bit tender but nothing too bad! All the best of luck! I had a lovely birth.

Clarabell78 Wed 19-Jun-13 15:36:57

I've just had been booked in for an ELCS at 39+4 due to some health issues I've been having. Not wholly unexpected but up until now I had been gearing myself up for vaginal delivery just in case. Just wondered if any of you who had been through it could give me any tips/advice on preparing for and recovering from it? Anything I should specifically pack to take with me or will aid my recovery in anyway? Thanks in advance! :-))

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