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London - recent private birth / ELCS experiences

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McCavity Tue 18-Jun-13 22:47:11

Hello everyone,

I'd really love to know if anyone has any recent experience with private births at Chelsea and Westminster, good or bad, natural or assisted.

I had my first delivered by ELCS with Dr Kumar at Queen Charlotte's. I loved Dr Kumar, he was exactly the right presence and I think an excellent surgeon. However, the hospital fees were very confusing and it added to the stress that the final cost was never made clear until after the event. Also, now that I have a young baby and live south of the river, it would certainly be more convenient to find someone at Chelsea. I would whole-heartedly recommend Dr Kumar though and if I don't find someone for a possibly natural private birth closer to home, I will definitely return to him for another ELCS. I only wish I lived nearer to him, so I could try for a natural birth with him this time.

timeforgin Wed 19-Jun-13 12:19:02

I had #1 delivered naturally with gas and air on the Kensington Wing in September 2011, and am due to have #2 in September this year. I am seeing Keith Duncan and can really recommend him (though #1 was actually delivered by Vasso Terzidou as on the day Keith was on holiday and the baby was two weeks early). I had an absolutely wonderful experience :-)

Keith is very straightforward and down to earth which I like.

The cost was pretty straightforward - as in we knew roughly what it was going to be, though the hospital charges differently for natural vs CS. We also ended up staying in for four nights - because my son was given antibiotics for a suspected infection (none was ever found) as opposed to one (one night is included with the package) which at £800 a night or whatever is spenny. We could have transferred onto the NHS, though we just decided to stay put.

Keith's fees are the same however you deliver and he does an 'all inclusive' package from 20 weeks which includes all scans (which he does himself). You pay for the dating / 12 week scans and bloods pre 20 weeks separately (which actually adds up to a not insignificant amount!).

Happy to answer any more specific questions if you want to message me.

Billy11 Mon 24-Jun-13 22:43:45

i had baby on august first 2012
due my third october first this year

keith duncan delivered mine
amazing recovery amazing scar
i got pregnant 5 months after my c section

care was great
which is why i am going for the same doc and kensington wing again

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