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10 weeks after episiotomy and still not healed, can anyone advise??

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Lynzi85 Sat 15-Jun-13 16:38:50

I'm hoping someone can advise me or reassure me. Had DS 10 weeks ago after episiotomy and ventouse delivery, was healing really well even my mw commented on how tidy my stitches looked! but just before my 6 week appt I was still quite tender and had a look and could see there was still a red area , dr checked it and said it just hasn't turned to scare tissue yet and swabbed for infection just in case, results came back but no infection.

However now at 10 weeks after birth and the same area is still red and still tender/ sore and I've found the pain even starts to radiate up the entire side of .. Well my vagina.. Sorry tmi, can even feel like sore pins and needles at times to the point it wakes me out of my sleep. went back to drs to again to be told its all perfectly normal and to just wait.

Is this right?? Surely 10 weeks on I should be healed and not getting pain I didn't have before?? Can anyone relate or had anything similar happen to them?

Feel like this is never ending sad

SusuwatariToes Sat 15-Jun-13 22:00:24

sad sounds nasty.

I definitely took longer to feel completely healed than I was expecting. It was always slowly improving though, never getting more painful.

It was probably closer to 20 weeks that I felt 100% back to normal but I never felt what you're describing.

You know you're own body and if you think there's something wrong then keep on at them.

TheOrchardKeeper Sat 15-Jun-13 22:14:24

Go to your gp and insist on being referred to the gyno's. I had a similar issue and needed to take something to help the last open bits heal inside. Plus i needed one bit re stitching.

Good luck. It's a horrid thing to recover from sometimes

Lynzi85 Sat 15-Jun-13 23:46:39

Thanks ladies think I just needed to hear from someone else that it didn't sound normal, no one ever tells all these gruesome details that happen after labour lol!!

welshfirsttimemummy Sun 16-Jun-13 22:55:01


I had this after mine, but only had
my DS 4 weeks ago, after 2 weeks I told my midwife I was still really sore, even to the point of not being able to sit down properly. She said I should be all healed and fine so said to see my GP. GP checked me over who said she thought the outside was healed but there was slight infection inside where the stitches were which is why it was red and a bit awoken, prescribed me a weeks antibiotics and all fine now smile

Maybe ask for some antibiotics or see a different GP?

welshfirsttimemummy Sun 16-Jun-13 22:56:02

*a bit swollen - stupid iPhone!

themilkmonster Mon 17-Jun-13 09:50:34

It definitely took longer for me than I expected but slowly improved over time. Do keep on at your GP if you think it's not right- I did and eventually was referred back to hospital. In the meantime take it easy as best you can, I found that after long walks I would be aching down there for a day or so afterwards but again this improved with time. You're right that no one tells you about the nasty bits post childbirth! As long as the pain isn't actually getting worse, no funky discharge etc then you're probably ok and just still healing. HTH x

Lynzi85 Mon 24-Jun-13 22:19:29

Thank you ladies went to drs today and just got told its all power for the course and wait until I'm 16 weeks after baby for full healing!! Lol

forgetmenots Tue 25-Jun-13 06:14:09

Jeez, 16 weeks? I'm at two and a half and impatient to get the damn thing healed!

(Am I the only one who can't see their scar? don't have that flappy a fanjo I can see a bit of what looks like broken skin but that's it)

Lynzi85 Fri 28-Jun-13 16:00:10

No I still can't really see mine either but I don't think it looks as bad as I thought it would!

TheDetective Fri 28-Jun-13 16:29:22


I'm 7 months down the line. I'm currently signed off from work for this very reason (maternity leave ended when baby was 5 months). My scar is huge - clearly visable, it is an extended episiotomy. It goes on to my bum cheek!!!!

I think it seems different for everyone - I've talked to many people along the way. It depends on the issues really. Mine is so huge, that there is a lot of scar tissue. Inside is still not fully healed, and is raw in places. There is granulated tissue too.

It's been long, and slow. But things are definitely a lot better than they were even at 4 months down the line. I am still uncomfortable walking, lifting, bending (crouching is just a total no go) etc.

I had to fight and argue my way through things. I went back to the GP at 4 weeks PN, and was then referred to gynae - which saw me at I think it was 8 weeks PN. Told to 'give it time'. Discharged. Wasn't happy with this so asked GP to re-refer as wanted a consultants opinion. Saw consultant at 15 weeks. She said 'give it time' arrrrghhhhhhhh. But prescribed amitriptyline for the pain, and vaginal dilators (as it felt like everything was too tight and pulling inside). I saw physio too, but not sure how helpful that was either. confused

I then got to the point where my maternity leave ended, so went back to the GP and got signed off, as clearly I am not fit to work yet if I can't sit on a chair completely comfortably!. I asked my work if they could refer me to one of my colleagues, as I am a HCP. I was seen when baby was 5.5 months by one of the obs & gynae consultants where I work. I was offered a steroid injection treatment in to the epis site to try and break down the scar tissue and aid healing. I had that done yesterday (so too soon to say if it has helped). However she also said that now 7 months down the line, if things are still this way, it may need refashioning.

I have asked and asked til I am blue in the face if this would need refashioning. I've been told no - it will make it worse.

Now finally, it has been suggested.

I'm rather frustrated with the whole thing in case you couldn't tell!. One thing I can say is just don't ignore it, keep going back, get a second opinion etc.

I hope yours heals quicker. A colleague of mine went through similar, but hers was much better around 16-18 weeks. A few other people I've spoken to have varied anything from 4 months to 2 years. sad I hope I'm not one of the 2 year ones!!!

forgetmenots Fri 28-Jun-13 17:10:46

Bloody hell detective sad that's awful.

I have had a good look for mine now and it goes to my bum but not on to the cheek, it's quite close to all the important bits iyswim... Midwife told me the muscles were healing well but skin is raw, so I've been trying all the remedies. Hopefully it will heal and any reopening has been superficial (there was a lot of blood a few nights ago and I freaked out went into denial )

TheDetective Fri 28-Jun-13 17:28:40

I bled everytime I did a number 2 for the first 12 weeks. Also once after intercourse.

I know it sounds really strange given my first post, but stretching with gentle intercourse really helps. As does massaging and stretching the area. Both gynae consultants and physio recommended it, and when I said I had already tried it and found it helped, they agreed it would do. It aids the healing process (stretching, and relaxing, plus the added lubricants).

I only realised it would help at 4 weeks when I had a speculum exam performed to inspect it, and felt a massive relief as he opened it up. Which was the strangest experience ever!

DP does the massage for me too smile And using a lubricant while massaging aslo helps too.

BeehavingBaby Fri 28-Jun-13 17:46:40

Hi, with the way you have described the pain I would be concerned that it was perhaps related to nerve healing and regrowth? In addition to the area where the skin is raw. Definitely push for a gynae follow-up but ask them about a pain clinic referral too if you still have the pins and needles and transferred pain.

mebe705 Sat 29-Jun-13 05:30:35

I would advise you guys go and ask for different opinion
Look for the best gynae consultant
and good luck

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