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C-Section for baby no 2?

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mojo1981 Mon 27-May-13 22:43:25

Right, I have a DD who was born by emergency c-section (didn't seem an emergency at the time thanks to diamorphine, and was only cos he head was too big).

We are currently TTC baby no 2, and i wanted to know if ladies that have had their first baby by c-section had to have their 2nd by c-section or whether they had them naturally?

I'm not concerned either way, as although clinical as a c-section is i suppose i'm less likely to go over like i did with my little girl (10 days over) and i feel slightly cheated that i didn't get to experience a natural birth (even though i did 26 hours from first contraction to birth lol )

I am just trying to find out if anyone had a natural birth after a c-section?

MrsCosmopilite Mon 27-May-13 22:56:23

Not speaking from personal experience as I have only the one DD who was delivered by emergency C-Section, but a close friend had her first by elective caesarian (the placenta was low, and they though the baby would be at potential risk, so offered her C-Sec if she wanted, to book ahead, for safety). She had a second child a few years later, naturally.

I must say I don't feel cheated. As long as my baby got out safely I didn't care. I had enough pain/discomfort in the aftermath of surgery, and had 50 hours of labouring before they cut her free. smile

noblegiraffe Mon 27-May-13 23:00:00

You'll probably be given an appointment with a consultant to discuss your options and whether you want to try for a vaginal birth this time. They won't force you into a c-section given the reason for the EMCS.

DevonCiderPunk Mon 27-May-13 23:08:08

I would say keep your options open. I was very keen for a VBAC, but had other complications in my last few weeks of pregnancy and I had a hard time agreeing to an ELCS because I was being very tough on myself about "having a proper birth."

As it turned out, my second c-section was a brilliant experience! Be informed, be assertive, but recognise that things can & do change as due date approaches. Good luck!

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