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first pregnancy 37 wks 1.5cm

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titch392000 Wed 24-May-06 13:35:37


Im 37 weeks pregnant with first child, have type 2 diabetes been insulin controlled during the pregnancy.

From Saturday evening to yesterday morning had 'shows' on / off ...yuk warning..sort of slimey and colour dried blood like have at beginning / end of a period.

Saw my obstetrician Monday and he did internal and wrote in my notes that im 1.5cm dilated.

Have to see obstetrician again on Tuesday 31st May for another scan and get an induction date.

Got to go into the day unit on Thursday / Sunday for monitoring of babies heart / movements.

What do you think the chances are that i might go into natural labour before Tuesday?

Trying not to thnk about it too much cos getting very excited LOL...

TuttiFrutti Wed 24-May-06 18:45:33

Might happen, might not...but as a betting woman, I would put my money on you going into labour naturally before 31st May. If you have a show, that can be a sign that labour is imminent, but on the other hand some women last another 2 weeks after the show before they start labour.

Good luck! And let us know what happens!

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