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c section with first baby

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sweetninnocent Thu 23-May-13 20:39:15

I'm a new Mum and my DS is 5 months old. Had a traumatic labour which ended in an emergency c section. Does this mean that all my Labour's will end in c section or can I give birth naturally next time round?

Fuckwittery Thu 23-May-13 21:04:07

Hi sweet, sorry to hear about your traumatic birth.
Most hospitals support a vaginal birth after c section (vbac) and many people do it successfully. There is a very slightly increased risk of uterus rupture along your scar (this risk is there for those who have never had a c section either). If you get pregnant again you will be offered a consultant appt to talk through the pros and cons of vbac or an elective section.
Have you spoken to any one about your birth? Most hospitals offer s birth afterthoughts service to go through your birth - have a look on your hospital's maternity webpage.

sweetninnocent Fri 24-May-13 08:21:04

Thanks for your reply! It's very helpful! I was offered someone to talk to but I feel that I understand why things happened to some extent, and the hospital did what they needed to do and they were amazing!! I just didnt know how realistic it is to have a normal birth after c section. smile

Fuckwittery Fri 24-May-13 10:23:52

I know lots of people who have done it, and hospitals are really supportive. The hospital will not be very keen on a water birth as they like you to be continously monitored because of the risk of scar rupture, but I had continous monitoring for my vbac attempt and spent most of the labour on the birthing ball and was able to move into different positions without difficulty e.g. Kneeling, all fours.
There's a thread on pros and cons at the moment

I guess whether you try for one or not will depend on your reason for the first section, and how you found the first op - whether you'd rather try and avoid or not! I tried for vbac and ended up with an emergency section (baby back to back so bad position, got stuck), but I'm going to try again with my third baby and met with the consultant last week who said there's no more risk for trying for a vbac after 2 sections than 1.

Lots of vbac stories here as well

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