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Anyone had +'ve fibrobectin and gone to term

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PeppaPigStinks Wed 22-May-13 20:44:30

Hi I 33.3 and had a positive result today- been getting 'contractions' for weeks and have now what sounds like an irritable uterus.

Has anyone got a positive but gone to term?

morethanmama Thu 23-May-13 01:17:54

I did at 30 weeks. Have you had sex recently as that can cause a positive.

RoomForALittleOne Thu 23-May-13 09:18:12

Was it definitely a fibronectin test and not the Actim Partus one? The FFN test has about a 40% false positive rate so still a pretty high chance of getting to term. Even having a bath or showering with any sort of soap/gel in that area can cause a false positive with FFN.

If you actually had the Actim Partus test, then there is a 95% chance of delivery before 37 weeks and 80-85% chance (depending on which study you look at) of delivering before 35 weeks. This test has far less false positives because things like sex and bathing don't give false positives.

Having said that, 33 weeks isn't that bad for a premmie so don't panic. Have you had the steroids?

PeppaPigStinks Thu 23-May-13 11:40:33

I'm pretty sure it was the ffn. I have had steroids so just have to wait and see. I've apparently also got a irritable uterus.

Apart from a stinking headache and nearly being sick this morning and being unable to settle for ages last night I feel perfectly fine. I only called for advice to see if some 'discharge' if had was some of my plug!

Still DH is in complete panic now and has his clipboard at the ready and is nagging me to pack my hospital bag!

Thanks for your replies - I think I will go to full term grin

PeppaPigStinks Thu 23-May-13 11:42:03

Morethanmamma- no sex I am afraid... It's all a bit to much effort now blush

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