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Induction looming!

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lovedimsum Wed 22-May-13 09:45:35

I am being induced in a couple of days as I will be almost 2 weeks late with DC3.

First pregnancy I was one week late about 8 hours labour.

Second pregnancy I was 2 days early and only 4 hours labour.

Never been induced before obviously so don't really know what to expect.

Does anyone know if inductions are similar length to previous labours or a whole different kettle of fish?

Just don't know whether to expect to be there for 24 hours or be really quick considering its my third baby?


Doretaball Wed 22-May-13 10:32:43

Hi. I don't know of anyone who had natural labours first time round and then had to be induced. But the couple of people I know who have been induced twice, the second time was much shorter than the first. I guess your body knows what it's doing a bit.

Sorry to be a bit vague!

CallTheDoula Wed 22-May-13 10:34:39

It seems to me that inductions don't work unless you're about to go into labour anyway, so only if your body & baby are ready. But, of course no one can tell when you've reached that point! I don't know what area you're in but the problem in my area seems to be that women are booked in for an induction, turn up & then staff are too busy and so they are left waiting for sometimes a day or two for the process to start. Would be worth finding out how induction is carried out in your area from your midwife. In this area women are given a 24hr pessary, if, after 24hrs that hasn't got things going, they'll be given a 6hr one, then another 6hr one & waters might be broken. Once they actually get going then labour can continue as normal although the woman is then slightly 'up-against-the-clock' and further interventions are usually suggested. If you and the baby are well you're entitled to monitoring instead of induction. In which case you could wait a little longer for labour to begin spontaneously.

lovedimsum Wed 22-May-13 13:05:05

Think the midwife said they would give me "gel " (whatever that entails) every 6 hours maximum of 3 doses. Then if no result I get out on the drip. I'm really hoping I go into labour on my own before Friday so have been trying everything. Yes I agree its weird seeing as I have had two normal births previously. I am certain of dates as well. Oh well, I guess every pregnancy is different. Have to just wait and see. Just so frustrated as never thought it would drag on this long!

emmyloo2 Thu 23-May-13 04:25:43

I was induced for my first and it was a long process - around 30+ hours. However, overall it was a good experience and I had a natural labour without an epidural, just gas and air. I am booked in to be induced this time next week for number 2. I will be 40+4. I was 40+12 with the first, but I am in Australia for this one with a private obstetrician and they are much more conservative. From what he has told me and his midwives have told me, it will be much faster this time. I.e. the baby will arrive the same day. I go in to be induced at 7am and he expects the baby to be born in the afternoon.

However, with my first they used a pessary with prostaglandins, however this time I am havng my waters broken as soon as I go in and then they will let me wander around and labour naturally. If things need speeding up then I go onto the drip, which I am hoping to avoid. That said, he has told me because I want to avoid an epidural they can very much regulate the drip to take this into consideration. I must say, the process seems much more controlled and managed this time around as opposed to my first where they inserted the pessary and just left me bed for a day and a half.

Woodifer Thu 23-May-13 09:05:28

You can always not get induced (and opt for monitoring instead) if you don't want. I did a lot of research on line and was due to meet a consultant to discuss the risks - but went into labour naturally on morning of appointment.

Every day that passes you are more likely to go into labour anyway.

lovedimsum Fri 24-May-13 19:18:42

Hi, just an update- didn't need an induction after all! Went into labour naturally 2 days ago and she was born in under an hour! Thanks for your input though. smile

Woodifer Fri 24-May-13 20:51:07


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