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Clots after 2nd degree tear & stitches!!

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Pritchyx Tue 21-May-13 01:40:15

Tmi therefore I apologise! But I gave birth 3 days ago and had a second degree tear resulting in 20 stitches...
Been at home now since Sunday afternoon and had no clots until this evening. I didn't see how big it was but i thought I needed a poo and it pretty much fell out.. I feel a bit more tender and sore now but feel a lot better in myself and a bit lighter... I have been told not to worry by friends and family but Its the first time it's happened and going through childbirth for the first time and its a new experience bla bla bla.
Since the blood flow has been normal, and I have had 1 more smaller clot but that's it...

Is it normal? Cos I just feel tender and a bit looser than the past few days!

mayhew Tue 21-May-13 09:48:31

Its really common to pass a clot or two at this point. Its usually a normal and helpful process. Frequently, a bit of the membrane stays stuck to the wall of the womb. Because it has so little bulk, the womb does not expel it. It needs to come out because it is dead tissue and could cause infection. Over a few days, some clot gathers around it. This allows the womb to expel the membrane enclosed in clot.Better out than in. If all is well, the bleeding returns to normal, you feel ok.

The womb expels the clot when contracting, usually when feeding the baby or when emptying bladder or bowels.

A sign of a problem, such as placental products not coming out or infection would be
: increasingly heavy bleeding
:increasing clots
:feeing unwell or a temperature
:change in the smell of the blood to nasty.

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