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3c tear, six months later ultrasound shows partial tear still

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jumperooo Wed 15-May-13 16:42:46

I had a nasty third degree/borderline fourth degree tear after a forceps delivery in October. As part of the standard aftercare appointments my local NHS trust provides for 3 & 4 degree tears I went for an endo anal ultrasound last month and was told that I still have a partial tear quite high up, but that they dont think it requires reconstructive surgery if its not causing bowel problems and it won't cause me any other issues due to its location, unless I tried to give birth naturally again. I have been advised that only ELCS would be suitable if I had another baby due to the severity of tear in October.

I'm not having anymore children so that's not an issue. But I wondered if anyone else has been told that they still have a partial tear which will be left unrepaired?

Coffee1Sugar Thu 16-May-13 20:08:00

Jumperoo - I had a 3a tear but still had the scan you mentioned. I personally wouldn't be happy with being told I have an untreated tear. Can you get a second opinion? But I too have been advised an ELCS or next time which is music to my ears.

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