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Cardiff (UHW) Consultant led unit. Twins and postnatal. Any recent experiences

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kllews26 Sat 11-May-13 13:21:48

I wondered if there are any newish mums out there who have recently given birth in the consultant led unit at UHW Cardiff. I'd like to hear what the reality is like, especially the postnatal side of things, even more so if you had twins.
I have had a tour of the midwifery led unit, which is all very plush and great, but that is no help to those of us that are under consultant led care. I'm due twins 1st week in June, to be delivered by elective section (presenting twin is breech)
Was your DH/DP allowed to stay overnight to help with feeding and care? Was there any chance to have a side room/single room? I'm stressing about how I'll manage to feed the twins immediately after the operation.
Also, what happens if you need to feed and your milk hasn't come in just yet. Will they provide any formula to 'top-up' or should I bring in some bottles like those in the aptamil starter packs. I don't want to start a breast vs bottle row, just genuinely curious what I should be preparing for.
Thanks ladies (don't scare me!!)

WouldBeHarrietVane Sat 11-May-13 13:26:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

coolpink101 Sat 11-May-13 16:44:48

kilew, i gave birth there last week in the mlu (which was fantastic) but i have a lot of friends who have given birth there recently in the clu. as far as i know their partners couldnt stay overnight. there are single rooms available but it may depend on how busy it is when your babies come. as you're having twins you may be more eligible for one so definitely request one when you get there and put it on your birth plan. good luck with the birth - every mw ive met at UHW has been lovely - you'll be in good hands.

QTPie Sat 11-May-13 17:52:29


I have no experience of twins or Cardiff, but did have a baby with ELCS that I breastfed.

Breastfeeding was very straightforward: I do not think that an ELCS necessarily makes it harder at all, I actually think that it was a lot easier than a traumatic natural birth. I breastfed in recovery, my milk "proper" came in within 48 hours and we NEVER looked back (I had no real problems, no bleeding, no cracking and fed for 11 months).

In regards to a singleton, the advice is NOT to give top ups over the first few days. Yes, your milk will take two or three days to come in. Yes you baby (babies) will get hungry. However their hunger and suckling will drive the demand and establish your supply. Nobody warned me, but on the second night after DS was born (he was born at 8am), he "tried" to feed solidly for 10 hours throughout the night. This almost killed me at the time, but this 10 hours of almost constant suckling established my supply and brought the supply in by the start of that second morning. It wasn't pleasant, but it is nature's way: if we had "topped up" during that night, then my supply would not have been established so quickly or effectively (I had an amazing supply).

HOWEVER that was a singleton - twins might very well be different. If I was you, I would get some advice from some twin mums ( or similar) and some breastfeeding specialists (NCT and/or La Leche League) NOW (before you actually need it). Get some advice on specifically feeding twins. I don't know if it is as straightforward establishing supply and you could have complications (i.e. if one or both of your twins end up in SCBU).

Two bits of general breastfeeding advice:
- buy some Lansinoh cream now. It is expensive, but it really works! Apply it to your nipples after EVERY feed. I did this and had none of the cracking, bleeding or severe pain that some people experience when starting to breastfeed. Not sure if it was the Lansinoh or luck, but...
- Cabbage (savoy?) leaves are great for engorgement. Best kept in the fridge or freezer and a few applied to engorged breasts. Bizarre but true!

Very good luck smile

Malkofish Fri 17-May-13 13:29:14

I can't really help with your questions sorry, but I'm also due to give birth in the consultant led unit of the UHW in the next couple of weeks.

Is it possible for you to visit to the unit, and they might be able to help answer your questions? I just phoned up the delivery suite one day and asked if I could pop along for a look, and a really lovely midwife took me round and helped answer my questions. It really put my mind at rest.

Hope you find what you need and hope it all goes well smile

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