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Gah, grrr and humph

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csmm Wed 08-May-13 17:35:05

Just a rant but I'm fed up.

I'm 38+6 with DC2 (DC1 is now 7). I was planning a home birth but about a month ago my BP went up. Not worryingly high, but very high for me. Normally it sits around 90/55-90/60. It's currently flitting between 125/85-140/98. No signs of PE or anything, almost certainly stress related, but the hospital have decided that I'll need to be there instead of at home this time. Not the nice sparkly birth centre either, but the labour ward as they want to monitor me throughout. I'm going in for BP and foetal monitoring once a week at the moment. Last week they told me that it was unlikely that they'd let me go overdue and that they'd offer sweeps etc to try to get things going from this week. Not that having sweeps particularly appeals to me, but at least one positive outcome would be that I'd have the baby and be able to go to my brother's wedding at the end of the month. This week they're saying they'll happily let me go overdue. DC1 was 10 days late, and if this one is the same then I won't make the wedding. This time I also have PGP/SPD and feel like I've been kicked in the yoni repeatedly for the past month as well as bloody awful back cramps that are making sleep nigh on impossible.

Someone please tell me that it'll all be OK, childbirth will be a doddle and that labour is imminent. I'm terrified in case PGP also makes the birth more painful.

MrsJ12 Wed 08-May-13 19:25:15

Just wanted to pass on my sympathy. I'm 39+4 and my BP has been sat at around 142/97 for the past 3 wks. It's meant I had to finish work earlier than planned and have to see the midwife every other day or so as well as the odd trip to the hospital.

It is a pain and like you I'm just sat waiting and sick of everyone saying to just make the most of it. But it will be fine and your baby will be here soon xx

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