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How likely that a sweep will start things off?

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phantomhairpuller Thu 02-May-13 19:41:43

Am 40+4 with DS2. Had a sweep today and now have a bit of back ache but that's about it.
Midwife said my cervix was favourable and already about 2cm dilated.
How likely is it that things will get going now?

abigboydidit Thu 02-May-13 20:14:36

I think if you're ready to go it might just give you a shove in the right direction, so to speak! I had 2, 2 days apart with DD and am pretty sure they kicked things off. Good luck!

Deearnamaternitynurse Thu 02-May-13 23:32:16

Depends if your cervix has already dilated or not, reflexology is what i suggest to my clients as this really does help to increase the circulation and tends to get you started

VicheartsJp Fri 03-May-13 00:53:02

I had mine at 40+5 on a Friday morning and the midwife said my cervix was still thick and no dilation. Booked me in for an induction for the following Friday and said I would be extremely lucky if I went into labour before then..... Went into labour that evening and had my baby on the Sunday afternoon!

Tinkerbell43 Fri 03-May-13 07:50:58

My first sweep didn't bring on my labour but the second sweep at 41+3 did bring my show and mucus plug I went into labour 48 hours after my mucus plug started to come out. GOOD LUCK!

birdofthenorth Sat 04-May-13 17:19:56

With DD I was already having very mild contractions when they did my sweep and it did speed them up (was already 10 days overdue)

With DS I had a sweep at 38 weeks due to gestational diabetes. It prompted some Braxton Hicks and the loss of the mucus plug two days later but nothing else happened before I was induced at 39 weeks.

octanegirl Thu 09-May-13 15:52:52

I had 3 from 40 weeks and none worked!

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