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Caring for toddler after c section

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Caterpillar0 Wed 01-May-13 14:27:46

I'm shortly to have a c section and concerned about looking after my 16 month old after it.

How long before I can pick him up? To put him in the buggy and cot for example
(I'll have help for a bit but not long - prob 3 weeks)

In fact any advice on juggling a newborn and 16 m old would be much appreciated!

sianilovesbeingamummy Wed 01-May-13 23:32:29

Go with the flow and listen to your body. Did you have a section with your first? I am having my section in 5 days time and like you i have a toddler too, he is just coming upto 18months now..... my Mum is having him whilst i am in hospital having my little girl and then once discharged i will be at home with my other half for a week..... after this i am on my own again!!!!!! The only thing i have been doing is getting my toddler to realise that Mummy can't pick him up, although he has developed an understanding of this i do worry that after 4days away from me he is going to become a little clingy and want more cuddles... will have to see what happens..... i remember from my first section that getting out of bed and up from sitting on the couch were a struggle for at least the first week... i would have thought after 3weeks you would be able to do most things again, i hope i can after 10days,lol.... best of luck xx

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