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Silent labour- any experience?

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desertbaby Tue 30-Apr-13 20:24:28

My first labour started with waters breaking, then being induced two days later as contractions didn't kick in. At the induction, I went from nowhere to fully dilated in an hour. All whilst being told I wasn't in labour. It was like period cramps, that ramped up once getting up to fully dilated. I was puking from waters breaking for days.

I'm due my second child. I've been puking on and off since last Thursday. And having very loose bowels. When im sick im sick until there is absolutely nothing left to sick up. That familiar clearing out feeling. But apart from intermittent cramps And periody feelings, nada.

Could this be a silent labour? Anyone else sick for days in advance of labour starting?

Does anyone have any experiences of this to share?

Thanks smile

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