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ELCS birth plan - what did you ask for?

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redwellybluewelly Mon 29-Apr-13 20:00:05

I have to discuss my birth plan with my consultant tomorrow. I'm struggling if I'm honest because this isn't my choice but I have to have a CS for this pregnancy (my second)

Would anyone be willing to share what they requested?

So far I've asked for a quiet operating theatre rather than music, and for my MW to come with me (still waiting on shifts) but to also place baby directly onto me and do checks there with weighing waiting until a bit later. So far so good as consultant suggested all three of those.

But what am I missing? Is there anyway to make this surgical birth feel like my own? DH will be with me, he is 100% behind the ELCS, and he thinks I'm being a bit silly not recognising the risk of natural birth without understanding as such why I am so sad about this delivery.

Thanks in advance.


Exhaustipated Mon 29-Apr-13 20:14:42

I was in a very similar situation with my DD (second DC). I had planned a home birth but she was breech with other issues so it was an ELCS. I totally understand the disappointment, but I have to say my ELCS was calm, moving and rather amazing smile

We asked for our own music, DD was brought to me very quickly, stayed on my chest throughout, skin to skin and breastfeeding in recovery. They also lowered the screen and we saw her come out which was wonderful - didn't see my tummy really, just saw her as she was lifted out. She cried and then stopped as soon as she was given to me grin

I count it as a good birth (although not one I would have chosen).

Good luck and congrats in advance.

BusyBee86 Tue 30-Apr-13 06:55:50

Ill be watching this thread with interest as I'm having an elc in a few weeks time.

shelley72 Tue 30-Apr-13 09:38:03

i also had to have an ELCS for DC2, after having planned a home birth, so I can understand how disappointing it is to have a birth so far removed from what you hoped for / imagined.

we took our own music - though i think in reality we forgot about it and seem to remember radio 2 on in the background! i also demanded asked that the baby was passed straight to me, and not DH. i had a few issues about this from DC1 birth and it was really important to me that i had that cuddle. my CMW also attended with me (giving up her day off) to act as advocate as the theatre midwife wanted things her way (baby removed from me, given to dad, taken away to be weighed etc then given back to dad - pretty much no involvement from me at all). my CMW made sure that i had a cuddle, skin to skin and tucked baby up next to me feeding in recovery just as i wanted. i also wanted to leave as soon as possible and i was out the next day.

actually although it was not the birth i wanted or hoped for it was very calm and lovely, and recovery was far easier than the VB i had with DC1. due again in july and have a choice between VBAC and ELCS. not sure which way to go as not all CS experiences are as lovely i am sure. and i can't see my present CMW attending with me. need to do a bit more pondering about it i think...

good luck with your section and enjoy your baby smile

redwellybluewelly Wed 01-May-13 10:05:02

Saw consultant and he really wasn't interested in the birth plan discussion at all - told me to save it for the pre-op team. I don't even know the name of the doctor who will be carrying out the ELCS as it transpires my consultant doesn't do them.

Some good ideas here - I was given the CS booklet yesterday and in it there is information that says I have to carry out daily heparin injections for a week? WTF? Nobody I know with a CS has ever mentioned that to me!

PoppyAmex Wed 01-May-13 10:08:17

Yes on the injections. You take them home and have to self inject (or in my case close my eyes and get DH to do it)

shelley72 Wed 01-May-13 10:11:31

i did come home with an injecton that my DH had to give me - this was for day2 post op as i went home after 24 hours. apart from that, i was only sent home with pain killers and anti inflammatories IIRC.

i am still dithering between VBAC and CS so i have been told i need to have two birth plans ready. make sure that your pre op team knows about your plan and that you have someone to speak for you in case you dont feel able to - i was quite nervous and not my usual self!

noblegiraffe Wed 01-May-13 10:17:20

I didn't have a birth plan at all for my ELCS, just let them get on with it. Remember you'll be fully conscious and with-it throughout, so you can talk to them at the time if there's anything you're particularly keen on.

You do need to decide in advance if you want baby to have the vitamin k injection as they'll do that straight after the birth.

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