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moggiek Mon 29-Apr-13 19:51:12

Not having had a baby for 25 years, I'm not sure about current protocol. My DDIL went into labour at 38 weeks with DGS1, but is now 39+6 with DGS2 with no sign of anything starting. Back in the day, we'd be swept in smartly for induction, but I'm not sure what happens now. Can anyone enlighten me?

lightrain Mon 29-Apr-13 19:53:52

Induction at 40+12 or 40+14, depending on where you are (seems to vary from trust to trust, from what I can see on mumsnet).

DDIL has a few weeks wait on her hands before induction I'm afraid!

moggiek Mon 29-Apr-13 20:06:33

Thanks, lightrain. TBH, she's not fretting, it's me! That's why I don't want to ask her directly about what happens now.

lightrain Tue 30-Apr-13 16:59:28

Ah, I see. Well, I'm currently 40+10 and waiting......!

moggiek Tue 30-Apr-13 20:20:44

Hi lightrain - how often do you see your midwife?

lightrain Tue 30-Apr-13 21:42:59

This is my second baby so it might make a difference, but from 34 weeks appointments every 2 weeks: so 34 weeks, 36 weeks, 38 weeks, 40 weeks, then consultant at 41 weeks to make an appointment for induction. Booked for induction at 42 weeks (well actually, I'm hoing straight to a section if no spontaneous labour rather than induction, due to previous emergency section. But normally it would be induction). Not seeing anybody again til 42 weeks, assuming nothing happens.

moggiek Sun 05-May-13 15:51:36

Any news, lightrain?

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